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What’s for breakfast?

Well I at least hope that you have answer to this questions.

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Well it’s true.  Breakfast fuels your body for the day a head.

Have you ever left the house not having a chance to eat, do you remember how you felt as the day went on.  Without eating you probably felt weak, had a hard time concentrating and was most likely irritable, cranky.

I am normally a very pleasant positive person, but if I do not eat regularly I get very cranky.  My kids & hubby know if I have gone too long between meals.

So why is it so important to eat breakfast?  Here are few reasons why!

1. Eating breakfast helps you lose weight –  When you start your day with a healthy breakfast, you are less likely to binge throughout the day.

2. Skipping it makes it harder to meet your nutritional needs – If you skip breakfast you are depriving your body of an opportunity to get essential nutrients, it already hard enough to pack enough nutrition into our diet daily, take out breakfast and most will not eat enough fruits, veggies, good fats

3. It’s easy , even if your are not hungry – You don’t need a huge breakfast, but pick something that is balance and sustaining.

4. You’ll have more energy – Try starting your car with an empty gas tank, you wouldn’t get to far, same with your body, you cannot run on empty!

So what would make up of a healthy sustaining breakfast?  Here are some of my favorites.

* Small bowl of oatmeal with hemp, raw pumpkin seeds and frozen berries.

* Pro-biotic low-fat yogurt (watch for artificial sweeteners) with hemp & nuts

* Protein shake , I always add spinach, kale, and frozen fruit.  I use either THUNDER or FIXX (my preference)

* Green smoothie or juice – Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green pepper, green apple.

* Poached eggs with slices of tomatoes .

* Celery sticks with all natural peanut butter or almond butter.

Bottom line do yourself a favor a start your day off right with some wholesome nutrition.  You will see you will have more energy, be more productive and better mood.

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