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Team bonus + more

Yesterday I shared with you the key to success with fg Xpress – building X-tribes- which gives you your monthly X-tribe bonus (100$-200$)

Today I want to share a video that touches our other bonus that you can earn as part of the FG Xpress Global family.

Recap of the video
Monthly product purchase 60$ or 120$US
(no matter where you live in the world, you pay the same!)

1. Fast start bonus – 25% on Personally enrolled members first order.
2. Team bonus – up to 12% bonus on volume in your small business leg
(team bonus are on a binary plan)
3. Match bonus – help others achieve their goals and match their bonus cheque
4. Rank advancement bonus – reach a new rank and earn cash bonuses!!!

Ready to join us? Want more info?

visit my site :

Wishing you an amazing weekend!

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