Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

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Ready for a big adventure?

I knew when I made the decision to be part of the FG Xpress pre-launch that we had something very unique and incredibly special.

PowerStrips TM

I can say the company has not disappointed me!

I am truly impressed in the growth of this brand new division.

The product gets results.

Now listed as a class 1 medical device with the FDA, that is HUGE!!!!

This listing just comes to prove how effective & unique Powerstrips are.

In 9 short months we have grown to over 10, 000 members worldwide.

Shipping to 127 countries.

A true equal opportunity.  No matter where you live, you can join this amazing family.

1 product & 1 price for everyone!!!

Are you ready for a truly rewarding adventure?

1.5 Billion people live with pain.

We have a proven product that will help the get relief from their physical pain.

How how financial pain?

So many out there are looking for a way to take control of their future.  The only way you can truly control your future is to create it!!

We already have members making over 20,000$ monthly!  That incredible knowing that we have only they did it in 9 months or less.

Here is the a recap video of what went on in Orem Utah last weekend at our Pre-launch Leadership Summit

This is just the beginning.

March 2014 official launch party in Las Vegas.

I was in Las Vegas in Nov 2012 when Fg Xpress was announced.

I am so excited to return to where it all began.

Who wants to join me?

Want to make a difference?  Motivated and success driven?

Then let’s work together.

We have an amazing team ready to help you succeed

As a team we succeed!

Check out my about me page of this blog to learn more about me.

Connect with me on facebook, or send me an email

Backstage tour of Fg Xpress Global Opportunity and Powerstrips HERE


Strip your pain away

Strip your pain away

Powerstrips by FG Xpress
100% natural
Korean red ginseng, germanium, silver ions, marine phytoplankton & minerals
Transdermal delivery
FDA Class 1 medical device
Relief from Pain & discomfort
Can be used for all kinds of pain……
Back pain, knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, Muscle stiffness….

Since Powerstrips I have felt relief from back pain, more energy, sleeping better at night and great endurance during workout & quicker recovery!

You have nothing to lose except maybe some unwanted PAIN.


Strip your pain away!

Strip your pain away!

Learn more about FG Xpress & Powerstrips Tonight
Starts in 1 hour

FG XPress Global Opportunity Call Tonight

Tuesday, July 23rd
Time: 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST
Number: 206-402-0100
Pin Code: 833276#

Win Powerstrips!!!

Powerstrips by FG Xpress

end the pain

Breakthrough technology providing relief from PAIN NATURALLY!

Listed as a FDA class 1 medical device

Would you like to try these for yourself?

I am giving away a sample pack of 5 Powerstrips to one lucky person

Please fill out the form below, Name, email, location and why you would to try these.

If you need more info on Powerstrips CLICK HERE

The draw will take place Wednesday July 24th 2013 @ 1pm EST

Winner will be contacted by email and I will announce here on the blog (name only)


Germanium – heat to relieve pain

Watch this video featuring Far-Infrared images from suing Powerstrips.
Dr. Saucedo goes into the Germanium component that produce heat to the body to relieve pain.

FG Xpress sales grow beyond expectations

It sure is a great time to be part of FG Xpress.

An article from the wall street journal show that the sale of Powerstrips by FG Xpress have grown beyond expectations.

We are still in pre-launch.

Global distribution – able to do business in 190 different countries.

1 product, 1 price, 5 great ways to earn (marketing plan that pays out 62%)

To add to all the many benefit that you will find at FG Xpress, the latest is having Powerstrips listed with the FDA as a class 1 medical device, useful for pain relief.

For the full Wall Street journal article released yesterday CLICK HERE 

Reported sales for the first 6 month were approximately 2.4 million.

Statistic showing that about 50% of the world population lives with pain.

There is a  need for an all natural solution for pain relief with no side effect.

Join our team and help us take Powerstrips to the world.

Breaking news……Powerstrips FDA listed

Wow I am so excited, breaking news from FG Xpress today!!!

Powerstrips are now listed as  a class 1 medical device with the FDA, useful as a pain relief product.

Here is the official statement by Allen Davis – General Counsel,


“ForeverGreen, in cooperation with the manufacturer of its PowerStrips product, has completed the tedious, time consuming, and expensive process of listing PowerStrips on the FDA medical device list. As a listed Class 1 medical device, the FGX PowerStrips are unique. By focusing heat and energy to the areas where they are applied, PowerStrips can bring relief of pain and discomfort. This is a major differentiator between our PowerStrip patch and nearly all others on the market. This is easily one of the larger milestones we have achieved at ForeverGreen.”

If you are suffering pain..  leg pain, joint pain, back pain, stiffness……

You want to take time to check these out for yourself.

Questions?  Email me

Pain relief naturally!

Just look around in your personal environment, work, family, friends….

 How many people do you know that suffer with Chronic pain?

In an article I read this morning on webMD, dated June 29th 2011, it stated that 100 million American suffer from chronic pain.   That is a lot of people!

It’s no wonder that the sales non-prescribed and prescribe pain medication are in the billions annually.

Let’s just take a look at  Lyrica a known pain medication. by drug maker Pfizer.  This drug is used to treat pain symptoms related to  but not limited to Fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, spinal cord injury nerve pain, and pain after shingles..  according to an article published on March 5th 2013 on the sales for Lyrica $4.158 billion and that was a 12.6% increase from 2011.

Just the figures above would indicate that there is a huge market demand for pain relief products.

The downside to pharmaceuticals, and I am not saying they do not work, for many this is has been the means to surviving/coping with this daily struggle.  But there is always side effects with pharmaceuticals.  The statistic of people become addicted these such drugs are startling.

Many out there are looking for natural solutions, solutions that would promote healing and improve their overall health and not just mask symptoms.

Powerstrips by FG Xpress is one option that I have found to be 100% natural.

Since Powerstrips became available on the market 7 month ago, many all around the world have been getting relief.

When pain in diminished, quality of life improves, and I think we all want to enjoy the time we have here.

Here are a few stories of everyday people getting amazing results with the use of Powerstrips.

I took a trip to Florida last Friday wearing a Power Strip and drove 10 hours with only a few 10-minute stops to use the rest room. Generally my sciatic nerve always hurts whenever I drive even a couple of hours. I didn’t realize until days later that the whole 10-hour trip didn’t bother me once. I say this Power Strip has a new group of people to benefit, truck drivers! Truly amazing! Also, I gave one for my niece to try who has restless leg syndrome. She said for the first time in a while she was not in pain.
JoAnn N.

I’m really in love with these Power Strips. I’ve recently had surgery and have had to hop around using a walker. By day two, my shoulders and my good leg were really in pain due to the extra work to move around. Now, I’m the biggest skeptic I know. That evening I put a Power Strip on my good leg and had ZERO pain the next day. I am a believer in these. P.S. no more pain pills! You have to give yourself this gift if you suffer any pain daily.
Cathy J.
 I’ve been suffering with severe back pain (about 7 months) as well as knee-joint pain (3 years+) and a friend of mine who knew about these Strips kept mentioning to me how she couldn’t wait to get her order of them for me to try. She was with my husband and I for Christmas dinner and saw the pain my back was causing me. I live in a townhouse and the stairs had become the Bain of my existence! My physician was fairly sure I had Lupus but I had yet to go for a specific blood lab to find out 100%. All I knew was that I was in constant pain; going at least once a week to chiropractor as well as massage therapy. It was costing me a fortune as well!  Finally the Power Strips came and I was quick to put one on. The next day there was no change. I was disappointed and told my husband, “Well, I guess they’re not going to work for me”. My girlfriend encouraged me to keep the Strip on till the next day and, even then, try a second one if need be. The next morning I sat at my desk for a while and then thought I would try something out. I decided to try to touch my toes (something unable to be done for months and months by this time). I slowly bent over – ever so careful – and to my surprise was not only able to ‘touch’ my toes but to ‘tuck’ my fingers underneath of my toes!! I did this over and over; each time with more confidence!    Next was to test my knees. I stood at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath…and ran down the full set and, without stopping, turned around and ran back up! Twice!! After two times I stopped – completely out of breath!! Thing is that was the only complaint! I was out of breath!!! YeeHaw! My knees were great!
I phoned my husband and cried as I told him the news! I was convinced and have not gone a day without them since. Anyone who knows me is now wanting to know my secret – and I AM sharing – what a Gift!! Thank you FG Xpress – for allowing me to enjoy my days as well as my home again!!

Annette F.

for more info on Powerstrips go to:   Http://


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