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Migraine gone!

Got a call this morning from my mom.  We are very close so we talk often.

She had an incredible experience a few days ago with the Powerstrips.

 She got up early that morning with a migraine.

Because of this migraine,  she felt was unable to function,  the pain & pressure we so intense.

Anyone reading this that suffers with migraines knows how they can stop you dead in your track when one comes on.

So she reached for her FG Xpress Powerstrips.

She took 2.  Cut them into pieces.  Place one piece directly on her forehead, one piece on the back of her neck and one on her upper back.

After one hour of wearing the Powerstrips the migraine was gone.

What a relief!  She was able to get on with her day and enjoy it.

Find out more info on Powerstrips HERE!

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