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Love the Power of the Powerstrips!

Love the Power of the Powerstrips!

Another great testimonial

Love the Power of the Power Strips!

Prior to using Power Strips, and I was experiencing many menopausal symptoms, and had been for many years. These included moodiness, sleep disturbances, fogginess in the head from lack of sleep, and a sense of feeling overwhelmed some days.

I am a Registered Nurse who knew that there were valid reasons to not seek hormonal medications. After a few bouts of quite severe flu and bronchitis, I knew that lack of sleep was likely the cause of becoming sick more often than usual.

Since I have become a regular user of the Power Strips, my sleep quality has increased phenomenally, I think clearly, and on a daily basis feel an inner calm, that allows me to tend to any situation with a feeling of power. In the last 5 months, I have not had any colds or even a sniffle.

Power to the Strips!!!!!!”
~ C.D.

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