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AMAZING! Check out this great Power Strips Testimonial!

AMAZING! Check out this great Power Strips Testimonial!

Just received our Power Strips 2 days ago and already both my husband Richard & I have noticed amazing improvements. Firstly, my husband suffers from a severe case of kidney stones. They are very large and cause him great agony at times. Treatment is pending by the end of this month but in the meantime he has to take more pain meds than he ever anticipated, is up at night because he can’t get comfortable & experiences massive swelling all around his abdomen. Since using the Power Strips which I placed right on that right kidney the first time, he did not take any pain med at all and there was no swelling. The second strip was placed on the spine between both kidneys. He has been pain free for these 2 days, no swelling and he feels much better, sleeping sounder & of course not being awakened with pain. This is amazing and we love the strips!!!”
Sue C.

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