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Amazing Powerstrips stories


Powerstrip testimonial from Dibrugarh
My own cousin sister has been suffering from Diabetes(Type II) from 2008. She has tremendous back pain and her legs are always swollen. She has been constantly under medical treatment. The other day my nephew Nasim(my sisters son) called me for some personal matter and mentioned me about his Mothers checkup with the doctor the next day. I asked him to delay the checkup for 2 days and handed him a Powerstrip for his mom. The patch was applied at 10-30 in the night and by 11 am next morning I myself was there and was astonished to see her normal feet almost after a span of 5 years. Moreover the pain in her back is gone. It really works.. I hope applying 2-3 devices she will be back to normal. Thanks FGxpress

My Fibro symptoms started not long after my 19 year old son was murdered 17 years ago. I went from doctor to doctor complaining about the pain and fatigue. Each one did blood tests and checked me over and sent me off telling me there was nothing wrong with me and I just needed to exercise more.
About 8 years ago I went to a new doctor and I started to cry and told her that I felt like I would imagine someone with a terminal illness would feel. Even my husband thought I was a hypochondriac because I always felt like I was getting the flu but never actually got the flu. I felt so horrible all the time. Pain, fatigue, brain fog….it was endless. The doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist and after checking my trigger points and almost sending me off the table every time he touched one, he finally gave me a name for what was wrong with me. Fibromyalgia…..finally I knew what was wrong with me. I wasn’t imagining being sick. After all these years I finally knew what was wrong with me. Sadly that relief quickly went away because I was then told there really isn’t anything they can do for me, there is no cure. They didn’t even know what caused it.
Then came the drugs… Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella, Ambian….not one of them worked, each caused even more fatigue or horrible side effects.
A friend of mine told me about this little pain patch that he uses and swears by. I honestly thought that I had tried everything and I just knew they wouldn’t work for me. I had basically given up. He convinced me to try them. I used them for 10 days during which time I had more energy, could focus and had very very limited pain. I am so glad he convinced me to try them because I currently take no medications. I am using the FG XPress Power Strips for pain and fatigue and have had better luck then I have had with all the pharmaceuticals they have ever tried me on.
I lost so much of my life because of Fibromyalgia. I lost friends, family members that thought I was lazy… many days, heck years, that I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything because I was so tired. I would come home from work, try and I mean try to cook dinner and then off to bed. My weekends had to be planned around my naps. A person with Fibro doesn’t nap for a half hour, we need hours!
Now with the FG XPress Power Strips I have barely any pain, I have energy and the Fibro brain fog is gone. I wake up in the morning and start going and have the energy to go until bedtime, unlike the years I could hardly make it through the day. Even when I am having a “down” period from the Fibro I am not really “down”. I don’t have those down days that keep me in bed. If I am having a down period I won’t feel AS good but I am not in bed. For a Fibro patient that is amazing.
I am on the road to getting my life back…..finally…thanks to FG XPress Power Strips.
I became a distributor because if these little patches could help me get my life back I wanted that for all the other Fibro patients…..for anyone with Chronic pain. – Eileen (Florida)

The medical problem I have and to which I’m applying the FG Xpress Power Strips is an osteopenia right foot, particularly the ankle. My bone density began to decrease starting with chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and became more pronounced after taking a drug called Arimidex, prescribed to help prevent cancer’s rude return. Unfortunately, I had a fall and injured my right foot. This injury would not heal due to the osteopenia. I was told it was now part of the disease. I experience severe cramping and locking in this foot and ankle on a regular basis making it difficult to walk or apply any pressure to. Since I’ve started applying the FG Xpress Power Strips to my injured ankle and foot, I‘ve noticed a remarkable improvement. I’m in a whole lot less pain. My foot isn’t cramping and locking up nearly as much and if it does a new Power Strip takes it out rather quickly. I’ve been trudging around in a lot of snow this winter in Alberta, Canada, so I’m sure you can imagine just how happy I am to have the power strips. I plan to keep using them daily and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to promote them to others in need of pain relief along with the other health effects.
Dara R


Benefits of Germanium

Germanium is one of the pain ingredients in our FgXpress Powerstrips.
In this short informative video Dr. Michael Johnson explains the health benefits of Germanium.


The benefits of Phytoplanktons

Th benefits of Phytoplanktons

Marine Phytoplankton at the base of many of our Forevergreen nutritional products and also an important part of our FgXpress Powerstrips.
I would love to share with you an incredible article written by Dr. Becky!

The Benefits of Phytoplankton

Hi everyone, This is Dr Becky Maes. I am a Board Certified Medical Doctor and I am very honored to be a part of the ForeverGreen family. I am also energized about what I am learning regarding Wild Marine Phytoplankton. I have been around so many powerful nutrients that change lives but this discovery is on a whole new level for me. I want to share with all of you a little bit about myself and then share with you why I have come to realize that Marine Phytoplankton is the best whole food on the planet.

I feel blessed to be a part of a true global movement that is going to revolutionize how people address their overall health and how they may even eliminate their physical pain. From a personal perspective, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was put on this earth to serve, mentor, educate and assist others in achieving an improved quality of life. My eyes and ears have always been open to products, services and nutritional approaches that have the ability to enhance people’s lives, and I have been blessed throughout my medical and professional career to be associated with so many incredible life-enhancing products.

From a personal and medical perspective I am convinced that we are undoubtedly in the midst of a true global health crisis in general, but especially when it comes to individuals suffering from pain. Pain management is a $650 Billion Dollar Industry and 1.5 billion people globally have significant and/or chronic pain. ForeverGreen is dedicated to addressing these issues and so much more. Everyone associated with the ForeverGreen family has the unique opportunity to be part of this exciting global initiative – and I can feel this paradigm shift as we are all able to use ForeverGreen’s physical and intellectual distribution channels to educate the masses and make a truly global impact.

So let’s talk about Phytoplankton-Nature’s oldest whole food that is now the newest whole food for the human race. You will find pure Wild Marine Phytoplankton as one of the nutritional technologies in our PowerStripsTM with FGXpress and in several other phenomenal liquid supplement products available through ForeverGreen International.

Marine Phytoplankton Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits

There are tremendous health benefits that can be realized by using this amazing whole food from the sea. Marine Phytoplankton is basically microscopic plant life that supports life in the sea. Because of its’ ability to perform photosynthesis – 90% of the Oxygen in our atmosphere comes from Phytoplankton. It’s not a miracle cure for any disease, but does provide the body with an incredible array of synergistic nutrients that can fuel our cells, our enzymatic pathways and our vital organs. And here at Forever Green we are proud to bring you the best Phytoplankton on the planet in its purest form. Alpha-3 CMP (Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton):
· Supports Cardiovascular Health: The high level of antioxidants, amino acids, and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids are known to support a healthier cardiovascular system.
· Promotes Healthy Skin: There are large amounts of bioflavinoids that can help remove impurities from skin cells. Marine phytoplankton also contains riboflavin that reduces free radical attacks in skin cells.
· Helps to Support Healthy Cholesterol levels: High cholesterol is a problem millions of Americans deal with. Niacin, gamma linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce high cholesterol.
· Helps to Support Healthy Immune System: Alanine, beta-carotene, bioflavinoids, and vitamin E are all immune system enhancers found in this super food.
· Helps to Boost Energy: Marine phytoplankton detoxifies the body, and eliminates toxins from the cells. This will improve your energy and mood levels.
· Supports Healthy Glucose Levels: Chromium in Marine Phytoplankton has been shown to help with stabilizing glucose levels, and Glutamic acids help to reduce alcohol and sugar cravings. Phenylalanine is recognized as a sugar craving reducer.
· Supports Better Visual Acuity: Beta-carotene is a cornea protector, and helps with improved visual function.
· Supports our Joints: Manganese assists in joint mobility. Omega-6 fatty acids and Pathohenic acid help to maintain healthy joints.

· Supports a Healthy Liver: The Arginine along with several other trace minerals and vitamins found in this super food from the ocean fuels the detoxification pathways of the liver. Your liver is your number one detoxification organ of the body. And because we are all surrounded by toxins we need to support optimum liver function.
· Supports Mental Acuity and Healthy Brain Chemistry: The high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, nucleic acids, Phenylalanine, Proline, and Magnesium support the healthy function of the brain, including mental clarity, memory, learning, and mood.

**Legal disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

During my many years of practicing medicine as a Gastrointestinal Specialist, I witnessed so much diverse illness and disease that it was absolutely staggering. Each year I saw a continual decline in my patients’ overall state of health. My clinics were constantly over-booked with people suffering from chronic pain, metabolic imbalances, intestinal and liver problems and in many cases traditional medical solutions only provided temporary clinical relief. For me, prescribing more and more drugs was not the appropriate solution and felt like I was slapping on a band-aid that disguised a more serious underlying internal health problem.

We have become a world of pill poppers. We have pills to help us sleep, pills to keep us awake, pills to combat depression, pills to ease anxiety, pills to make us go to the bathroom and pills to “stop us up”. With approximately 4 billion prescriptions being prescribed yearly in America alone, I find myself asking “when is enough, enough”? What I have witnessed is that prescription drugs all too often simply mask the symptoms of illness and disease, and seldom address the strengthening and healing process so essential for the body to achieve clinical remission and optimal health.

For more than a decade I have been on a tireless journey to create awareness of the best nutritional technologies that may have a positive impact on mankind. I always shout from the rooftops when I find something that is all natural and revolutionary and has the ability to assist our internal body with achieving optimum balance and homeostasis. I have found precisely that in ForeverGreen with their Wild Marine Phytoplankton. And rest assured ForeverGreen has gone to great lengths to bring you the best Wild Marine Phytoplankton available today.

Each and every batch of Alpha 3 CMP is third-party tested at a licensed facility under the strict guidelines of Health Canada for yeast, mold, bacteria, e-coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, heavy metals and arsenic, and thus far, continue to meet those high standards each and every time.

Production of our Wild Marine Phytoplankton is done in outdoor tanks using natural seawater pumped from a depth of 100 meters off the shore of Tom Harper’s Aquatic Sea Farm in Nanaimo, Canada. With natural sunlight, and patent-pending techniques, the farm recreates the spring bloom conditions, producing billions of tiny floras within the massive tanks in only five to 11 days.

I am proud to be aligned with ForeverGreen/FGXpress because their philosophy on health is all about getting back to nature to support quality of life and longevity. I invite all of you to jump on board and become a long-term member of this amazing family.

Take a backstage tour of FgXpress


Powerstrips = LOVE

Powerstrips = LOVE

“The Power of LOVE…. Power Strips ARE VERY EFFECTIVE FOR PAIN RELIEF! how they work….

The Power Strips by FG Xpress have the word LOVE (in many languages) embedded on them. They are made of plant based biodegradable material and are non-toxic. The Power Strip is gentle to the skin as it is water soluble – the skin can breathe and it is safe for regular use.

The TOP portion of the Power Strip has Germanium evenly distributed throughout the top…above the skin, it never touches the skin. It is this element that produces a far-infra-red effect. When our own body heat rises up, it strikes each Germanium particle. Germanium returns heat BACK in far infra red energy. Far infra-red is capable of penetrating deeply and has a dramatic effect on deep tissues.

Greater volume- because the blood vessels are dilated which = an environment for Pain Relief!

The FDA has recently listed the Power Strips as a Class 1 Medical Device for Pain Relief and Discomfort.

Power Strips are Highly EFFECTIVE FOR PAIN RELIEF!”

Want Some? Email me with for more info or with any question you may have.


Marine Phytoplankton: One of the “Secrets” of PowerStrips

ForeverGreen International recently announced the addition of Medical Director, Dr. Becky Maes MD to our Medical Advisory Board.

Dr. Becky will be hosting a call TONIGHT Wednesday, October 30th, 2013.

6:00 PM PST
7:00 PM MST
9:00 PM EST

To attend online, visit:

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 655117#

Dr. Becky has been a formidable force in the nutrition based network marketing industry for over 14 years. Seven years ago she retired from her very successful medical practice to pursue all natural therapies to help her patients. Dr Becky is a well-recognized lecturer, author, and is considered a subject matter expert in the fields of nutrition and network marketing. She has a passion for teaching, training and educating on how to achieve optimum quality of life through natural, nutritional approaches. Dr. Becky has also been instrumental in helping people release over a million pounds of unwanted fat by educating them on how to cleanse their bodies on a cellular level while replenishing the body with high grade nutrients.

“I am so honored to be a part of the ForeverGreen International family. When I retired from my traditional medical practice and The World became my Waiting Room, it was revolutionary scientifically based natural products that catapulted me into true Wellness care and removed me from Sickness care. This is why I became a physician in the first place-to help people the right way. ForeverGreen provides the global opportunity of a lifetime and I am blessed to be here!” Becky Maes MD

Ready for a big adventure?

I knew when I made the decision to be part of the FG Xpress pre-launch that we had something very unique and incredibly special.

PowerStrips TM

I can say the company has not disappointed me!

I am truly impressed in the growth of this brand new division.

The product gets results.

Now listed as a class 1 medical device with the FDA, that is HUGE!!!!

This listing just comes to prove how effective & unique Powerstrips are.

In 9 short months we have grown to over 10, 000 members worldwide.

Shipping to 127 countries.

A true equal opportunity.  No matter where you live, you can join this amazing family.

1 product & 1 price for everyone!!!

Are you ready for a truly rewarding adventure?

1.5 Billion people live with pain.

We have a proven product that will help the get relief from their physical pain.

How how financial pain?

So many out there are looking for a way to take control of their future.  The only way you can truly control your future is to create it!!

We already have members making over 20,000$ monthly!  That incredible knowing that we have only they did it in 9 months or less.

Here is the a recap video of what went on in Orem Utah last weekend at our Pre-launch Leadership Summit

This is just the beginning.

March 2014 official launch party in Las Vegas.

I was in Las Vegas in Nov 2012 when Fg Xpress was announced.

I am so excited to return to where it all began.

Who wants to join me?

Want to make a difference?  Motivated and success driven?

Then let’s work together.

We have an amazing team ready to help you succeed

As a team we succeed!

Check out my about me page of this blog to learn more about me.

Connect with me on facebook, or send me an email

Backstage tour of Fg Xpress Global Opportunity and Powerstrips HERE

8 Principles of health Day 5 -Trust in Nature

We all need to EAT to LIVE, not LIVE to EAT.

The purpose of eating goes far beyond just feeling full.

It’s about providing optimal nutrition to the cells of the body so that it is able to work effectively & efficiently.

We all need a balance of protein, fibre, carbs, essential fatty acids, enzyme…..

Eat abundantly food that come from plants not manufactured in a plant!

Eliminate or at least limited process foods – they are dead nutritionally and often have harmful additives

Back to the basics – when grocery shopping stay on the outer aisle this is where you will find the live food.

Fruit, veggies, nuts, meats (if possible go with wild /organic/free range ,  meat from animals raised without hormones & antibiotics)

The more you can eat your food in the Raw form, the more nutrients you will get out of it.

I love doing smoothies & juicing with my family.  Not always easy to get a lot of fresh veggies into kids, making it fun and drinkable helps me ensure they are getting enough.

There is a great site YOUNG & RAW , it contains recipes, green smoothie challenge… I have sent many of my clients & friends there for healthy meal ideas.

Health begins with what you put in, eat quality nutritious foods and health will definitely improve.



What’s for breakfast?

Well I at least hope that you have answer to this questions.

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Well it’s true.  Breakfast fuels your body for the day a head.

Have you ever left the house not having a chance to eat, do you remember how you felt as the day went on.  Without eating you probably felt weak, had a hard time concentrating and was most likely irritable, cranky.

I am normally a very pleasant positive person, but if I do not eat regularly I get very cranky.  My kids & hubby know if I have gone too long between meals.

So why is it so important to eat breakfast?  Here are few reasons why!

1. Eating breakfast helps you lose weight –  When you start your day with a healthy breakfast, you are less likely to binge throughout the day.

2. Skipping it makes it harder to meet your nutritional needs – If you skip breakfast you are depriving your body of an opportunity to get essential nutrients, it already hard enough to pack enough nutrition into our diet daily, take out breakfast and most will not eat enough fruits, veggies, good fats

3. It’s easy , even if your are not hungry – You don’t need a huge breakfast, but pick something that is balance and sustaining.

4. You’ll have more energy – Try starting your car with an empty gas tank, you wouldn’t get to far, same with your body, you cannot run on empty!

So what would make up of a healthy sustaining breakfast?  Here are some of my favorites.

* Small bowl of oatmeal with hemp, raw pumpkin seeds and frozen berries.

* Pro-biotic low-fat yogurt (watch for artificial sweeteners) with hemp & nuts

* Protein shake , I always add spinach, kale, and frozen fruit.  I use either THUNDER or FIXX (my preference)

* Green smoothie or juice – Kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, green pepper, green apple.

* Poached eggs with slices of tomatoes .

* Celery sticks with all natural peanut butter or almond butter.

Bottom line do yourself a favor a start your day off right with some wholesome nutrition.  You will see you will have more energy, be more productive and better mood.

Why Marine Phytoplankton is so benecial to overall health!

So what are marine phytoplankton?

The oldest known food in the world, Marine phytoplankton is a well known super food providing amazing nutrition for sea animals,  but also for humans.

Marine phytoplankton is micro-algae. These single-celled plants, are the basis of all other life forms on planet Earth and are the ‘vegetation’ of the ocean.

Marine phytoplankton contains just about every single source of vitamin, mineral, and amino acid that our body needs in order to survive.

The FIRST, BEST and FINAL say in Health and Wellness!

• The FIRST food on Earth.
•Tom Harper’s FIRST sea farm of its kind on Earth.
• ForeverGreen is the FIRST to market it exclusively!
• The base of the plant kingdom, in and out of the ocean.
• NASA declared that marine phytoplankton is the major source of all the Earth’s oxygen.
• We know that many whales, the largest mammals on the planet, live on marine phytoplankton up to 200 years.
• Has 400 times the energy of any known plant
• Boasts a nutritional analysis that is second-to-none.
Marine phytoplankton is the “check mate” in the conversation of health and wellness!
Here is a list of  the nutrients contained in marine phytoplanktons
Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)
Aspartic Acid
Biotin (vitamin H)
Cyanocobaltamine (vitamin B12)
Essential Fatty Acids (vitamin F)
Folic Acid
Gamma linolenic Acid
Glutamic Acid
linoleic Acid
Niacin (vitamin B3)
Nucleic Acids
Omega-3 Fatty Acid
Omega-6 Fatty Acid
Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)
Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
Riboflavin (vitamin B2)
Ribose Nucleic Acid
Super oxide dismutase
Substance P
Thiamine (vitamin B1)
Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E)

Here are some of the great Forevergreen products that contain Marine phytoplanktons

Pulse-8 , Frenquensea, Pure, Immuneyes, AIM transfer factor, ZMP 400, AZUL , INSPIRIN  – check the above product an many more at this site, FREE membership gets you direct prices

And let’s not forget that Marine phytoplanktons are one of the 5 technologies engineered into our FG Xpress Powerstrips.   Imagine getting these nutrients entering your body via  transdermal delivery (through the skin)  – for more information on Powerstrips

As you can see marine phytoplankton is an amazing source of nutrition, in closing I would like to share a video ANOTHER DAY – Tom Harper’s story of health & marine phytoplankton.

9 foods to avoid when creating a healthy lifestyle

As a mother of 5, and very health conscious I am always researching what we should and should not be eating.  I do admit I not a fanatic, my kids do have a little sugar at time, last night I had a few potato chips watching a movie with the family.  But as a whole, we concentrate on whole foods, balanced nutrition in our home.  My kids know the difference between a treat and something that is part of our “diet”.   And I take time out to explain to them why we eat certain things and why there are others that are a strict NO.  I include them in the grocery shopping and stick as much as possible to the outer isle, where all the whole live food is.

I think for the most part we all want to be  healthy, making informed decision is crucial to good health, make sure you know what you are putting in your body.

The point of eating is to provide the cells of our body the nutrition they need to preform their daily functions.  We see to often people in the world today who are over fed and under nourished.

We need to EAT to LIVE & not LIVE to EAT!

Where to start getting the information to making the right choice, listening to the media can be sometime quite confusing.  Butter or margarine?  Organic & Not?  Sugar or artificial sweeteners?

I hear people all the time saying ,  “you hear that everything is bad, so what’s the point?” , “the water & the air is polluted, are lands are depleted…..”

I look at this way, I cannot control everything, but the things that I can I will!  It will make a difference in the end.

When I research health one of my favorite sources of information is Dr. Mercola.

In his new letter today he shared an article about the 9 junk foods that most people think are healthy.

Canned tomatoes *Processed Meats*Margarine*vegetable oils*Microwave popcorn* non-organic potatoes or other produce know for high pesticide contamination*table salt*soy protein isolate and other unfermented soy products & artificial sweeteners.

I am personally gonna touch on a few of these before I share the article for you to check out for yourself.

So #1 I am so guilty of this one, I love making my homemade soups from scratch & do not use bouillon or stock.  Unless It is from a roast, or chicken that I have cooked myself.  So for me this is one I will have to work on, living in a smaller northern town, can be challenging for freshness & price.

If you love your popcorn, invest in an air popper.  In the end you will save money and you eliminate all the toxins associated with microwaving, especially in those bags that it comes in.

Organic veggies VS non-organic, yup organic cost more.

Health is costly these days, but lack of healthy will cost you even more in the long run.  Now what if you don’t have access to organic produce where you live.  I know for me this is a huge issue, I would have to drive over 2.5 hrs away if I wanted to buy organic.  Sometimes you need to make the best with what you got.  So in the summer I plant a garden and try to grow most of  my own, but I do not produce enough to provide for my family all year-long.  So when I have to buy fruits and veggies that are not organic, as soon as I get home, I will soak them in water (sink full) and vinegar (1 cup) – this may not remove everything but it removes some of the impurities, it’s always about moving towards something better, not necessarily perfection!

Artificial Sweeteners – is something I feel very strongly against.

My kids are not allowed to chew gum because most on the market contain this “poison”.   This one is the biggest of the no-no’s in my house, this one to me is a non compromise.   The first article I read about artificial sweeteners was 16 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my first child.  It was about a research done showing that artificial sweeteners metabolized as alcohol in undeveloped blood stream, and that in some extreme cases a child could be born with FAS (fetal Alcohol Syndrome) from a mother over consuming artificial sweeteners.  Now does this happen often, NO, but why would you want to risk it!  There are better alternatives out there.  That was enough to make me wonder if this is true what other damage can these artificial sweeteners do to our bodies?????

Soy- is the other one I will give my two cents on.

Being lactose intolerant my whole life, I choose as a young adult to switch to soy.  Well it did not take long before I was sicker than before.  Stomach cramps, headaches… so I eliminated soy from my diet and things go better.  I will not go to deeply in to this, but the commercialized soy that we see being market in most grocery stores, is processed & most soy is GMO (this does not mean that all the worlds soy is but that the convenience products found normally are). Process foods are bad.  Soy has been shown to interfere with hormones in women and so many other negative health effects.  So again this is a personal choice but this is one that I personally stay clear of.

I hope you found value in this post today.  If you are truly looking to improve your health, I invite you to CLICK HERE take a look at the article that Dr. mercola shared today!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy day.

And to all the wonderful dads out there HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!



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