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Amazing Powerstrips stories


Powerstrip testimonial from Dibrugarh
My own cousin sister has been suffering from Diabetes(Type II) from 2008. She has tremendous back pain and her legs are always swollen. She has been constantly under medical treatment. The other day my nephew Nasim(my sisters son) called me for some personal matter and mentioned me about his Mothers checkup with the doctor the next day. I asked him to delay the checkup for 2 days and handed him a Powerstrip for his mom. The patch was applied at 10-30 in the night and by 11 am next morning I myself was there and was astonished to see her normal feet almost after a span of 5 years. Moreover the pain in her back is gone. It really works.. I hope applying 2-3 devices she will be back to normal. Thanks FGxpress

My Fibro symptoms started not long after my 19 year old son was murdered 17 years ago. I went from doctor to doctor complaining about the pain and fatigue. Each one did blood tests and checked me over and sent me off telling me there was nothing wrong with me and I just needed to exercise more.
About 8 years ago I went to a new doctor and I started to cry and told her that I felt like I would imagine someone with a terminal illness would feel. Even my husband thought I was a hypochondriac because I always felt like I was getting the flu but never actually got the flu. I felt so horrible all the time. Pain, fatigue, brain fog….it was endless. The doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist and after checking my trigger points and almost sending me off the table every time he touched one, he finally gave me a name for what was wrong with me. Fibromyalgia…..finally I knew what was wrong with me. I wasn’t imagining being sick. After all these years I finally knew what was wrong with me. Sadly that relief quickly went away because I was then told there really isn’t anything they can do for me, there is no cure. They didn’t even know what caused it.
Then came the drugs… Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella, Ambian….not one of them worked, each caused even more fatigue or horrible side effects.
A friend of mine told me about this little pain patch that he uses and swears by. I honestly thought that I had tried everything and I just knew they wouldn’t work for me. I had basically given up. He convinced me to try them. I used them for 10 days during which time I had more energy, could focus and had very very limited pain. I am so glad he convinced me to try them because I currently take no medications. I am using the FG XPress Power Strips for pain and fatigue and have had better luck then I have had with all the pharmaceuticals they have ever tried me on.
I lost so much of my life because of Fibromyalgia. I lost friends, family members that thought I was lazy… many days, heck years, that I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything because I was so tired. I would come home from work, try and I mean try to cook dinner and then off to bed. My weekends had to be planned around my naps. A person with Fibro doesn’t nap for a half hour, we need hours!
Now with the FG XPress Power Strips I have barely any pain, I have energy and the Fibro brain fog is gone. I wake up in the morning and start going and have the energy to go until bedtime, unlike the years I could hardly make it through the day. Even when I am having a “down” period from the Fibro I am not really “down”. I don’t have those down days that keep me in bed. If I am having a down period I won’t feel AS good but I am not in bed. For a Fibro patient that is amazing.
I am on the road to getting my life back…..finally…thanks to FG XPress Power Strips.
I became a distributor because if these little patches could help me get my life back I wanted that for all the other Fibro patients…..for anyone with Chronic pain. – Eileen (Florida)

The medical problem I have and to which I’m applying the FG Xpress Power Strips is an osteopenia right foot, particularly the ankle. My bone density began to decrease starting with chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and became more pronounced after taking a drug called Arimidex, prescribed to help prevent cancer’s rude return. Unfortunately, I had a fall and injured my right foot. This injury would not heal due to the osteopenia. I was told it was now part of the disease. I experience severe cramping and locking in this foot and ankle on a regular basis making it difficult to walk or apply any pressure to. Since I’ve started applying the FG Xpress Power Strips to my injured ankle and foot, I‘ve noticed a remarkable improvement. I’m in a whole lot less pain. My foot isn’t cramping and locking up nearly as much and if it does a new Power Strip takes it out rather quickly. I’ve been trudging around in a lot of snow this winter in Alberta, Canada, so I’m sure you can imagine just how happy I am to have the power strips. I plan to keep using them daily and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to promote them to others in need of pain relief along with the other health effects.
Dara R

Pain relief naturally!

Just look around in your personal environment, work, family, friends….

 How many people do you know that suffer with Chronic pain?

In an article I read this morning on webMD, dated June 29th 2011, it stated that 100 million American suffer from chronic pain.   That is a lot of people!

It’s no wonder that the sales non-prescribed and prescribe pain medication are in the billions annually.

Let’s just take a look at  Lyrica a known pain medication. by drug maker Pfizer.  This drug is used to treat pain symptoms related to  but not limited to Fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, spinal cord injury nerve pain, and pain after shingles..  according to an article published on March 5th 2013 on the sales for Lyrica $4.158 billion and that was a 12.6% increase from 2011.

Just the figures above would indicate that there is a huge market demand for pain relief products.

The downside to pharmaceuticals, and I am not saying they do not work, for many this is has been the means to surviving/coping with this daily struggle.  But there is always side effects with pharmaceuticals.  The statistic of people become addicted these such drugs are startling.

Many out there are looking for natural solutions, solutions that would promote healing and improve their overall health and not just mask symptoms.

Powerstrips by FG Xpress is one option that I have found to be 100% natural.

Since Powerstrips became available on the market 7 month ago, many all around the world have been getting relief.

When pain in diminished, quality of life improves, and I think we all want to enjoy the time we have here.

Here are a few stories of everyday people getting amazing results with the use of Powerstrips.

I took a trip to Florida last Friday wearing a Power Strip and drove 10 hours with only a few 10-minute stops to use the rest room. Generally my sciatic nerve always hurts whenever I drive even a couple of hours. I didn’t realize until days later that the whole 10-hour trip didn’t bother me once. I say this Power Strip has a new group of people to benefit, truck drivers! Truly amazing! Also, I gave one for my niece to try who has restless leg syndrome. She said for the first time in a while she was not in pain.
JoAnn N.

I’m really in love with these Power Strips. I’ve recently had surgery and have had to hop around using a walker. By day two, my shoulders and my good leg were really in pain due to the extra work to move around. Now, I’m the biggest skeptic I know. That evening I put a Power Strip on my good leg and had ZERO pain the next day. I am a believer in these. P.S. no more pain pills! You have to give yourself this gift if you suffer any pain daily.
Cathy J.
 I’ve been suffering with severe back pain (about 7 months) as well as knee-joint pain (3 years+) and a friend of mine who knew about these Strips kept mentioning to me how she couldn’t wait to get her order of them for me to try. She was with my husband and I for Christmas dinner and saw the pain my back was causing me. I live in a townhouse and the stairs had become the Bain of my existence! My physician was fairly sure I had Lupus but I had yet to go for a specific blood lab to find out 100%. All I knew was that I was in constant pain; going at least once a week to chiropractor as well as massage therapy. It was costing me a fortune as well!  Finally the Power Strips came and I was quick to put one on. The next day there was no change. I was disappointed and told my husband, “Well, I guess they’re not going to work for me”. My girlfriend encouraged me to keep the Strip on till the next day and, even then, try a second one if need be. The next morning I sat at my desk for a while and then thought I would try something out. I decided to try to touch my toes (something unable to be done for months and months by this time). I slowly bent over – ever so careful – and to my surprise was not only able to ‘touch’ my toes but to ‘tuck’ my fingers underneath of my toes!! I did this over and over; each time with more confidence!    Next was to test my knees. I stood at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath…and ran down the full set and, without stopping, turned around and ran back up! Twice!! After two times I stopped – completely out of breath!! Thing is that was the only complaint! I was out of breath!!! YeeHaw! My knees were great!
I phoned my husband and cried as I told him the news! I was convinced and have not gone a day without them since. Anyone who knows me is now wanting to know my secret – and I AM sharing – what a Gift!! Thank you FG Xpress – for allowing me to enjoy my days as well as my home again!!

Annette F.

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Sheryl S. – testimonial

Sheryl S. - testimonial

I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and really bad back, anxiety attacks and depression. Sometimes I wonder what else can go wrong! Those are usually the times that something else does happen. It has been a really hard struggle for me the past 7 years. There are days I cannot walk. I cannot do house work, even something as simple as making dinner had become an unbearable pain. Something as simple as taking a shower has to wait until I can stand that long.

One day I saw a message from a friend, asking if I would like to try a sample of these “Power Strips” I opened up the envelope, looked at the strips and thought “Ya ok”. I had thrown my back out a few days before, so I put the strip on my lower back, laid down and fell asleep. When I woke up I made my coffee, let the dog out, washed my hair, and did a few other things. I was walking to the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks! I had NO pain. Nothing! I was amazed. After 4 hours of having wearing the Power Strip, my back felt great, there was no pain in my hips, my legs were not aching, I was actually moving around and doing things! I immediately messaged Vince and told him how awesome these things are! On the second day of wearing them I noticed something else happening. My Libido was coming back. The third day all my chronic pain felt better! Even the whiplash I received. And the Libido was back full force. So not only has the Power Strips given me back my life, it had given me back a part of my life that was missing for so long!

During the time I was trying the samples, I did not have to take a single heavy-duty pain killer! My mood, anxiety and depression even got better! I am simply amazed and cannot wait to see what happens when I have them on every day for a month! Thank you FG Xpress Power Strips for giving me back my life!

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