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Breaking news……Powerstrips FDA listed

Wow I am so excited, breaking news from FG Xpress today!!!

Powerstrips are now listed as  a class 1 medical device with the FDA, useful as a pain relief product.

Here is the official statement by Allen Davis – General Counsel,


“ForeverGreen, in cooperation with the manufacturer of its PowerStrips product, has completed the tedious, time consuming, and expensive process of listing PowerStrips on the FDA medical device list. As a listed Class 1 medical device, the FGX PowerStrips are unique. By focusing heat and energy to the areas where they are applied, PowerStrips can bring relief of pain and discomfort. This is a major differentiator between our PowerStrip patch and nearly all others on the market. This is easily one of the larger milestones we have achieved at ForeverGreen.”

If you are suffering pain..  leg pain, joint pain, back pain, stiffness……

You want to take time to check these out for yourself.

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