Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

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Multiple Streams of Income with FGX

Multiple Streams of Income with FGX

We have all heard that having multiple streams of incomes is a good thing.
What if you could earn in multiple ways from the same opportunity.
How does building an organization in every country of the world sound? Possible? It is with the FG Xpress Global Opportunity – distribution available in every country of the world.
Market plan that pays out %62
With 5 great ways to earn
Fast Start Bonus (25%)
Team Bonus (binary 8-12%)
X-Tribe bonus (monthly 100-200$)
Rank Advancement Bonus (cash bonus for new ranks attained)
Match Bonus (match up to 50% of your team member check for helping them.)

Simple plan to market & duplicate.
1 product, 1 price, everywhere!

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Power of 4 =$$$

Power of 4 =$$$

Today I want to talk about the simplicity of making money with FG Xpress.
So what is the one thing we can all do to ensure success with FG Xpress?

Build X-tribes.
1st find 4 people. Now that not too hard, I am pretty sure we all know 4 people who would like to earn extra, and improve their health.
Help each of them find 4 (that a total of 20 people)
You would then have your x-tribe.
An X-tribe is 4 personally enrolled members and 1000 points in your first two levels (your personally enrolled & their personally enrolled)
This will give you a monthly bonus of $100 – $200 . With this bonus alone your business would be profitable.
Let’s see what would happen if everyone only found their 4 and help their personally enrolled find 4.
The power of 4
Level 1 =4            (x4)
Level 2 = 16         (x4)
Level 3 = 64         (x4)
Level 4= 256       (x4)
Level 5 = 1024
Total in your organization would be 1364
Wow, 1364 members, all by building and teaching X-tribes.   Everyone finding 4.    Now that is simplicity!
Now on top of X-tribe bonus, you will also qualify to earn Fast start bonus, Team bonuses and other bonuses.
As you can see earning with FG Xpress can be fun & simple.
Stay tunes tomorrow to learn about our how to earn weekly team bonus.

Want more info on the FG Xpress Global  business opportunity?
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