Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

So here is the final video of the 4 part series for all of you who have joined me this week in this short but amazing training about programming yourself for success in MLM.

Today Eric talks about the different stages of life that we lives between.
Crisis – Survival
Survival – Success
Success – Significance

Most people stay within their comfort zone, the place that is familiar to them. And for many that is between Crisis & Survival. I can totally relate to this.
But looking at it this way.
What seems more comfortable?
That does not sound comfortable to me.
You won’t gt from Crisis to Significance over night.
But if you step out of your current comfort zone, reprogram your mind, you will find that this path will lead you to a place of long term comfort.

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So much amazing training for everyone in our industry!

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