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Growing pain relief!

My 11 yr old son, has always trouble with growing pains. When they happen and with hi it frequent it prevented him from sleeping. He would be up crying for a good part of the night. I tried different creams, oils, Tylenol, massaging his legs…. But no significant relief.
Now when the growing pains begin he immediately ask me for a Powerstrip.
I too like Nicole cut them and place one on each calf. Within minutes the pain diminishes, and he is able to get to sleep and get up feeling refreshed and ready for his day.
As a mom, there is no greater feeling than finding something that works to help your child not be in pain.


Launch of New Site!!!

LAunch of New Site!!!

Very excited today!

Fg Xpress has just went live with their new distributor sites.
This site is more informative & interactive than the first version.

Click on the image to view this new site and learn more about Fg Xpress & Powerstrips


Powerstrips overview


Strip Your Pain Away!



Bringing you much more than Pain Relief.


PowerStrips are a patented fusion of energy technology and ancient herbs.  Easy to use and all-natural, PowerStrips use Far-infrared technology to focus energy in your body to relieve your pain.  The FDA has listed this powerful product as a Class 1 Medical Device for Pain Relief and for Improving the Look and Feel of Skin. 


What Kind of PAIN?


Back Pain     Knee Pain     Joint Pain     Jaw Pain      Hip Pain         Neck Pain

Wrist Pain     Muscle Pain          Sciatic Pain              Shoulder Pain

Headache Pain       Menstrual Pain      Kidney Stone Pain             Post-Surgical Pain

 Far-infrared therapy and the other supporting ingredients have been shown in numerous clinical studies to help with the following:

Restful Sleep           Increased Energy              Enhanced Mood                Mental Clarity

Inflammation         Pain Relief    Stress and tension                        Stabilized Blood Sugar

Normalize Blood Pressure         Boost Immune System    Detoxification

Libido                       Circulation               and More…

INGREDIENTS: Each topically applied PowerStrip has a proprietary blend of Fermented Korean Red Ginseng, Silver Ions, Germanium and Marine Phytoplankton Alpha 3 CMP.

For just $12, your membership allows you to order as needed.

You have a choice!   Avoid Harmful Drugs.  To join the Natural Pain Relief Movement,

for only $65 US, you can receive your packs of 15, anywhere in the world. 

Each PowerStrip can last up to 2 days.  Go here to share the love:  


Lisa Roberts          705-889-2212

6 weeks – Over 1 million in sales



Fg Xpress sales have reached record level in August!

Over 1 million dollars in sales generated by the field in 6 weeks.

That is incredible!!!

With a market plan that payouts 62%, you can imagine the type of commission cheques that are being sent out all over the world.

In the 9 months that FG Xpress has been in operation, there has been more than 4 million in sales!

Check out this Press release in the wall street journal highlighting this NEWS!!!

If you have been thinking about joining our family, it’s clear that Fg Xpress is here to stay and striving.

Don’t wait, join us.

Help us take Powerstrips to the world.

Connect with me and let’s get out there and make a difference!

My Website


Sweet time for FGX


Fg Xpress is uniting people in commerce all over the globe.

One of a kind, truly global opportunity.

A company that offers a tangible product that can be shipped to every mailing address on the planet.

And this is only the beginning.

Fg Xpress is only 9 months old, now shipping and paying commissions in over 140 countries.

In pre-launch, but with the backing of a 10 yr old publicly traded billion dollar company.

An amazing products that works for everyone.

infrared Dr.Kim

Increasing the energy in the body, relieving pain and much more…

Now to prove that this product is truly effective and unique, it is listed as an FDA class 1 medical device for pain.

That is a huge accomplishment in this industry and speaks volumes for this amazing product!!!

We live in a critical time, pain , illness, financial disasters are affecting so many all over the world.

Fg Xpress not only is providing physical pain relief for so many, it is also providing financial GAIN!!

If you live in pain, need a financial boost, looking for a way to help others, then this may be the team for you.

Fg Xpress is a family, a home.

I welcome you to listen to our latest conference call and hear first hand some amazing testimonials.

Tuesday Sept. 10th Fg xpress livestream – enjoy the info & slides

Need more info, have questions, then let’s connect



DETOX DAY 7: Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? You should your health depends on it. This is a great article highlighting many good reason why we should all get a goodnight sleep!

Wellness My Way

What is the most important aspect of going through a detox or cleanse? You might think it’s eliminating the toxins, or replenishing your body with good, nutritious food and clean, distilled water. While those two things are equally important I feel the most important aspect of cleansing the body is sleep. When we sleep our cells get a chance to rejuvenate and we are better able to handle the stresses of life. That is another aspect of cleansing that I will discuss tomorrow: Stress. But for right now sleep and rest is the best way to get through a detox with my mind intact.

Our bodies need sleep just as much as they need water. But the right amount of sleep is different for each person based on their nutritional needs. For me the right amount is a good 7 hours. 7 hours helps my body remain in the…

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Calling all those in Florida!


Fg Xpress is coming to Florida
Meet Founder and CEO Ron williams
Learn about Powerstrips & Fg Xpress
Lunch & free samples
Visit the site below for more details
Tell them Lisa Roberts referred you


Feeling good with Powerstrips

Embrace that good feeling.

Powerstrips will help relieve pain and leave you feeling good!!

Looking For Success: The Obstacles

When striving for success we all encounter obstacles! Here is a great article.


Office view today!


This is the view from my lawn chair, sitting on the beach with the kids. My “office”. I love it!
The thing I love most about network marketing is the time freedom.
For the past 6 weeks my office has been at Carol’s campsite just outside of Sudbury Ontario.
This was not a planned trip, my husband had to attend a course which was last minute, so we packed up the kids and our travel trailer and headed down.
I did not have to ask for a day off, now that is freedom.
And with WIFI & my laptop, I also did not have to stop working my business. I kept in contact with clients & team members, placed orders, tuned into training events and best of all I did out in such a beautiful calm setting.
It is such an amazing feeling to be productive as you hear you children giggle and splashing in the water, and sit in the sun!
There are so many reason to be in business for yourself, but for me the time freedom and flexibility is by far the part I love the most!
If you are looking for a way to work from home or anywhere else you want , let’s connect.
My goal for the next 90 days is to help many enjoy the time freedom that I do. I work hard but on my own time, around my family.

If you more info & join me on an adventure to physical & financial health check out my site

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