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Obesity disaster!

It’s evident in day-to-day life that obesity has become a huge problem in North America.

My kids generation is being raised on food like substances.  For most life is very busy, work, school, sports, and fast foods (from restaurants or store-bought) do make life simpler some days.

Not to mention the price of produce has greatly increase in the past few years.

I have people tell me all the time it’s expensive to eat healthy.

I think the opposite.  I have 5 kids and to buy Pizza pockets, boxed macaroni & cheese…. it’s very expensive not to mention that I find that my kids never feel full eating these. They are eating much more!!!  Which make sense since the body has not found the nutrient it was looking for, so although belly is full, the body is starving.

I the long run I believe that it will be too expensive to be sick later because of my choice in foods now.

Imagine the quality of life when your health goes down hill, will you be able to do the things that you enjoy to do with your loved one?

Eating provides our body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform daily functions, to regenerate itself.  Now if it does not get what it needs, it will store fat & toxins, cell will not regenerate properly, sleep may be disturb…..leading to disease.

We are intended to EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT

I believe that it is each our own personal responsibility to become conscious decisive eaters.  We need to know what we put in our bodies. At least when you are informed you may still choose to eat certain foods but you are aware of what you are putting in there.

One of the biggest disease, and disease-causing condition is Obesity.

Today’s article from Dr. Mercola was on this very topic

Obesity  – A threat to your daily life

Contains  – Killer at Large a documentary film by Steven Greenstreet

Things that you could be doing that may have a negative impact on your weight  & health

  • Cutting calories
  • Choosing diet foods
  • Avoiding Saturated fats
  • Reducing you cholesterol intake to extremely low levels
  • Eating fructose

Click the link above to view the detailed article from Dr. Mercola


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