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If improving your physical health is one of your goals, there are many things that you may have to do to make in order to create those desired results.

But there is one crucial step that I find is often overlooked.

So what is your goal, more energy, weight loss, strength, mobility, improved circulation, heart health….  this part is individual only you can decide what it is you would like to experience & improve.

Now what is this crucial step that often is forgotten in the process, it’s your vibrational compatibility between your desire & the belief attached to this desire.

If you are wanting to lose weight, but when you think about you weight you feel down, negative, depressed, then your desire and belief, are probably not vibrationally compatible.  And this is a result of a belief you have deep in your subconscious mind.  This vibrational compatibility is very important when trying to achieve any type of  results.

I want to share with you an exert of the book The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent by Esther Hicks (Chapter 13 – Vibrational relativity regarding my physical body)

So here are some examples of desires some may have about their physical body & health. And examples of belief that would be in alignment or discord with those desires.

DESIRE:  I want to live a long healthy life in this body

Belief: My parents were not healthy people (This belief is vibrationally incompatible with the stated desire)

Belief:  My parents and I lead very different lives.  Our environment are different, what we eat is different, and how we see ourselves is different. (This belief is more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire)

Belief:  There is no relationship between my parent’s health and my own.  ( This belief is even more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire.)

DESIRE: I want to achieve and maintain a healthy, attractive body weight.

Belief: It’s very difficult to maintain the body weight I desire without doing strenuous daily exercise and depriving myself of things I want to eat. (This belief is vibrationally incompatible with the stated desire)

Belief: As I observe others, there’s a great variety in their activity and food consumption, causing a great variety of results. (This belief is more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire)

Belief: It’s possible for me to find a comfortable lifestyle that will give me the results I want.  (This belief is more vibrationally compatible with the stated desire)

These are just 2 examples of desires in regards to physical health.

You have to remember that is nothing more important than feeling good.  When you are trying to accomplish something you must put yourself in a state of feeling good about the journey you are embarking on.  If you don’t,  examine the belief you hold about the topic and make slight adjustments that feel better to you, and as you time goes on reach for thoughts that are constantly a closer vibrational match to that desire.

Feeling good, believing that this is what you deserve, believing that you are capable of achieving your desire, will give you the strength to take action, it will give you the determination to keep going, as you know the results are already in the making.

Remember whether you think you can or you can’t you are always RIGHT!!!

You will always manifest results that are a mirror reflex of your core belief on the subject.

And belief are merely thoughts, that you have thought over and over again.  So beliefs can be change all the time.  A belief that once serve you well, may no longer serve it’s purpose and you may need to replace it with one that is vibrationally compatible with your new goals & desires.

Manifesting New Desires for physical health =

Know what you want to accomplish,

find that good feeling place in relation to this goal or desire (your beliefs)

Than take action and enjoy the process of manifesting the desired results. (Exercise, eat right, get more sleep, meditate, drink more water, journal, affirmations…..)

Wishing you abundance & Health



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