Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

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Ready for a big adventure?

I knew when I made the decision to be part of the FG Xpress pre-launch that we had something very unique and incredibly special.

PowerStrips TM

I can say the company has not disappointed me!

I am truly impressed in the growth of this brand new division.

The product gets results.

Now listed as a class 1 medical device with the FDA, that is HUGE!!!!

This listing just comes to prove how effective & unique Powerstrips are.

In 9 short months we have grown to over 10, 000 members worldwide.

Shipping to 127 countries.

A true equal opportunity.  No matter where you live, you can join this amazing family.

1 product & 1 price for everyone!!!

Are you ready for a truly rewarding adventure?

1.5 Billion people live with pain.

We have a proven product that will help the get relief from their physical pain.

How how financial pain?

So many out there are looking for a way to take control of their future.  The only way you can truly control your future is to create it!!

We already have members making over 20,000$ monthly!  That incredible knowing that we have only they did it in 9 months or less.

Here is the a recap video of what went on in Orem Utah last weekend at our Pre-launch Leadership Summit

This is just the beginning.

March 2014 official launch party in Las Vegas.

I was in Las Vegas in Nov 2012 when Fg Xpress was announced.

I am so excited to return to where it all began.

Who wants to join me?

Want to make a difference?  Motivated and success driven?

Then let’s work together.

We have an amazing team ready to help you succeed

As a team we succeed!

Check out my about me page of this blog to learn more about me.

Connect with me on facebook, or send me an email

Backstage tour of Fg Xpress Global Opportunity and Powerstrips HERE


FG Xpress Global Opportunity

FG Xpress Global Opportunity

Join us tonight
Learn more about the Fg Xpress Global business Opportunity
Exciting updates from this weekend’s leadership summit.
FG Xpress Global Opportunity Call
Tuesday, August 27th at 9:00pm Eastern, 7:00pm Mountain

To listen online

Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 833276#


Powerstrips – Much more than pain relief

48 hours PAIN RELIEF!!!

No one want to be in pain.

Whether it be migraines, sciatic pain, muscle pain, chronic pain, pain due to injury….

It prevents you from being able to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Some pharmaceuticals have side effects that may make you drowsy or prevent you from operating a motor vehicle and these are just the immediate side effects, then you have other long-term side effects.

There is a better way, a natural way to relieve pain that will enhance your health, instead of robbing you of it.


100% natural

transdermal strip (through the skin) for better absorption

FDA class 1 medical device for pain & discomfort

Water soluble adhesive

Korean Red Ginseng

Far infrared technology (germanium)

Each strip can be used for up to 48 hours

Global distribution

Want pain relief naturally?

Then contact me today!

View my site HERE

Strip your pain away with Powerstrips

Samples available – email me for more details


Multiple Streams of Income with FGX

Multiple Streams of Income with FGX

We have all heard that having multiple streams of incomes is a good thing.
What if you could earn in multiple ways from the same opportunity.
How does building an organization in every country of the world sound? Possible? It is with the FG Xpress Global Opportunity – distribution available in every country of the world.
Market plan that pays out %62
With 5 great ways to earn
Fast Start Bonus (25%)
Team Bonus (binary 8-12%)
X-Tribe bonus (monthly 100-200$)
Rank Advancement Bonus (cash bonus for new ranks attained)
Match Bonus (match up to 50% of your team member check for helping them.)

Simple plan to market & duplicate.
1 product, 1 price, everywhere!

more info :
or email me

I look forward to working with you!


Getting rich is easy – Jim Rohn

Are you trying to improve your financial situation.
To make this happen what needs to change….
We all have the opportunity to become rich.
Here is a great audio from Jim Rohn about how getting rich is easy!!

Amazing virtual fly-in

FG global expansion

Yesterday Forevergreen / Fg Xpress hosted their first virtual fly-in.

What an amazing event!

We got to meet the corporate staff.

I am so excited to be part of this amazing family.

This is more than just a company with products & a comp plan.  Of course we have amazing product and a comp plan that pays us well if we work the business but….

Forevergreen is a way of being.

It’s about each one of us embracing every season of our lives.

It’s about making a difference in our own lives & the live of others.

Ron said over and over in the livestream that our best work is our next work.  It doesn’t where you stand right now, you can make the decision to work towards your dreams starting today!!!

I have worked with other companies in the past.  No company is ever perfect, but what I truly love about Fg Xpress & Forevergreen is the people.  I went to the last leadership summit back in November.  The energy that filled that room for the 3 days was amazing.

I am so excited to have the opportunity be reunited with these amazing people at the end of the month at our first FG Xpress leadership summit.

I invite to watch the replay of yesterdays event.

See first hand the love, compassion, kindness, that this team stands for.

They are truly what they appear to be.

“The only sustainable success is the authentic you” – Ron Williams

If like me you are truly inspired by what you see, then contact me and let’s work together!



Virtual fly-in in 1.5 hours

Virtual fly-in in 1.5 hours

The virtual fly-in begins in an hour and a half.
Join us, meet the FGX corporate team, tour head office, learn more about our comp plan and hear exciting announcements.

Click the link to join us.

Obesity disaster!

It’s evident in day-to-day life that obesity has become a huge problem in North America.

My kids generation is being raised on food like substances.  For most life is very busy, work, school, sports, and fast foods (from restaurants or store-bought) do make life simpler some days.

Not to mention the price of produce has greatly increase in the past few years.

I have people tell me all the time it’s expensive to eat healthy.

I think the opposite.  I have 5 kids and to buy Pizza pockets, boxed macaroni & cheese…. it’s very expensive not to mention that I find that my kids never feel full eating these. They are eating much more!!!  Which make sense since the body has not found the nutrient it was looking for, so although belly is full, the body is starving.

I the long run I believe that it will be too expensive to be sick later because of my choice in foods now.

Imagine the quality of life when your health goes down hill, will you be able to do the things that you enjoy to do with your loved one?

Eating provides our body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform daily functions, to regenerate itself.  Now if it does not get what it needs, it will store fat & toxins, cell will not regenerate properly, sleep may be disturb…..leading to disease.

We are intended to EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT

I believe that it is each our own personal responsibility to become conscious decisive eaters.  We need to know what we put in our bodies. At least when you are informed you may still choose to eat certain foods but you are aware of what you are putting in there.

One of the biggest disease, and disease-causing condition is Obesity.

Today’s article from Dr. Mercola was on this very topic

Obesity  – A threat to your daily life

Contains  – Killer at Large a documentary film by Steven Greenstreet

Things that you could be doing that may have a negative impact on your weight  & health

  • Cutting calories
  • Choosing diet foods
  • Avoiding Saturated fats
  • Reducing you cholesterol intake to extremely low levels
  • Eating fructose

Click the link above to view the detailed article from Dr. Mercola

Are you right for Network Marketing?

I love the industry of network marketing.

I grew up around it, my grand-mother was an amazing business women.

Are you right for network marketing?

I believe the answer is YES!!!

Everyone can do this, if they choose too!

Network marketing is an equal level opportunity.  No matter your age, education level, background, anyone can succeed in Network Marketing.

But does it happen over night?  No, it takes hard work.

It takes acquiring the skills needed.

It takes practice, it takes commitment, and it takes ACTION!!!

But the very first thing any of us need to do is make a decision.

Decide to become a professional, decide that success is your birth right!

Decide to do whatever it takes.

Find someone who has done it and find out the skills needed and get to work.

Be true to yourself in this process, be authentic, people will join your business because of you, they want to work with you.

Every company has a product , and a comp plan.  Make sure you are passionate about what you are building, that will make the world of difference in your end result and how quickly and effectively you get there.

Check out today’s Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) video.  Creation vs Evolution

If you are already involved in a business opportunity, good for you, make sure you take time everyday and to work on developing your skills.

If you are in search of an opportunity, go and check out my about me page, see what I am up to and maybe you will something that may interest.

Happy Day to you all!

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