Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

Today’s health principle is PASSION!!!

What are you passionate about?

What do you love to do?

Remember when we were kids, care free, no real big responsibilities.  We decided what to do base upon what we love to do.

Some like to play sports, video games, read, sing, dance, hang out with friends, climb trees….

Then we got older, then came work, family, household chores….  while all of these are important, most times we are so over loaded with these responsibilities that we leave our passions behind.

There has to be a healthy balance.  Get your chores done, go to work but take time for you and your passions.

Taking that time to enjoy yourself will leave you feeling energized, happy and in the end making you more productive in the areas of chores & responsibilities.

Also you can choose a career that you are passionate about, if you love what you do this will be something you will look forward to doing daily!

So what are your passions?

I love to sing, travel, exercise, read, play cards/boardgames, sit on the beach….

These are some of the things I try and do regularly.

Enjoy your life NOW!!!

You don’t know what the future will bring, so don’t wait for that perfect moment.

Take time to have fun and enjoy your passions.

Tomorrow will conclude the 8 principles health – Spirituality


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