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I have been away for a few days and had no internet connection, I am a few days behind on my 8 principle daily post.

So today’s principle is relationships.

The people you surround yourself make a huge impact on your health.

Remember the last time you spent time with someone who was very negative, how did you feel?

I know for me, being negative people drains my energy,  by the end of the visit I feel very tired.

Relationships should be enriching to both parties. We are meant to learn from each other, help each other, share things together….

Surround yourself with people who are positive, who support you, who believe in you, you truly care for you.

You will become like the ones you spend the most time with.  So choose carefully.  Make sure that the ones that you associate with regularly have the qualities you want most for yourself.

I know I want to have fun and be happy, so I pick friends that have I have common interest & personality traits with.  I prefer to take a trip or do an activity with someone .

Just this weekend I went on an overnight trip with a dear friend.  We spent most of that time in a vehicle driving &  talking (5 hours each way).  We are so much a like, and at the same time we push each other to do things that we may not do on our own.  This weekend we had no kids, no hubbies, just one on one girl time.  We did a little shopping and attend a religious convention.  We came home feeling energized, refreshed, happy, and excited.  To me that is what true friendship is about.  That good feeling that you feel when you know that person is coming over or when they have just left and you are reflecting back on your day so appreciative that you had that time with that person.

Those true solid relationship will help you when you are up but also when you are down.  It will be that hug or advice you need.

Positive relationship will leave you feeling, happy, energetic, excited…..



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