Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

Painkiller side effects.

I talked in previous a previous about there being a huge demand for pain relief products.

I am pro-natural solution as a primary line of defense.
When I went on to facebook this morning I seen this pic. A pic that came from a new clip on ABC. This although not surprising is a scary thought.
I always try to avoid any form of painkillers, over the counter or prescription. I had all five of my children without even a Tylenol.

Now of course there is nothing wrong in having one when you are not feeling well and you need relief, if nothing else is working. But so many are relying of these on a daily basis. This create dependency, not to mention how hard it is on the liver among and many other side effects.

Pain is a big part of most people’s reality.

And when you are in pain, it affects every aspect of your life.

Pain limits your ability to get out and enjoy yourself.

Over time use of prescription will often lead to use of other medications to counteract the side effects.  The other issue is that the body will eventually get used to the medication and often doses will have to be upped to keep the relief coming.

So what can someone do to get control of pain.

Nutrition – what you eat can contribute to your pain control, if your pain is caused by inflammation, you will need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet.

Supplementation – there are many supplements out there that also will contribute to optimal health, control inflammation, bring balance to the body.

Natural treatments – massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki….

When you look at the pic above, 400% rise in death in women because of the use of prescription drugs over an 11 yr span.  In my opinion it’s too much.  Medicine has it’s time & place.  In emergency situations they are very helpful and can save someone’s life.  But long-term use can do the opposite, lower the quality of life and even the duration.

Health is balance. It’s about using a combination of foods, exercise, treatments.  It’s not an easy journey, but if you want to have quality of life you need to take the time  and find the methods that work for you.

If you live in pain and are looking for something to add to your life to help to get pain relief naturally, then please take a look at Powerstrips.

Now listed a class 1 medical device with the FDA, for pain relief, Powerstrips have already helped so many get relief worldwide.

Get more detailed information HERE.

Powerstrips is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, providing your body with nutritional support.


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