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The other night as I sat at my computer finishing up some emails, I listened to my kids (who were supposed to be going to bed) tell story and laughing.  Those contagious giggles of little ones, one starts and then they are all laughing non stop, which in turn you cannot help but giggle yourself just from hearing that sweet sound.

At first I was telling them it was time for bed and to quiet down, then as I found myself more relaxed, because now I was laughing too, I thought to myself let them be.  And can I blame them due to renos they are 4 in one room, they just couldn’t help it!

As adults many of us become more serious, I am definitely guilty of that.

Stats on Wikipedia show that the average baby laugh 300 times in a day compared to the average adult that only laugh 20 times daily.

What a difference in numbers.  Babies are so happy care free, happy and yes they have no responsibilities when they are young, but are we adults becoming too serious?

Studies have shown a link between laughter and healthy blood cells.  It also has been shown to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins that can relieve some physical pain.

So my advice today is laugh everyday, whenever you can!  If you find yourself stressed think of something that will make you laugh and see how things change.

Some of the best lessons I have learned is by observing my kids.  I believe one of life secrets to happiness and success is going back and learning to have fun again.



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