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What’s in the Raw Promise?

My last post I talked about a program called the Raw Promise.

The Raw Promise, is a about optimal health & weight management, if you need to lose you will and if you need to gain you will.  When we nourish the cells of our body, the body weight regulates, because it eliminates toxins and works more effeciently.

So what is in the Raw Promise you may be wondering.  Do I have to buy and use all the products?

Well of course you do not have to use all the products, they are meant to compliment a healthy lifestyle.  We have different starting packs, but you can always customize to meet your individual needs.

Now if you are needing a boost, a gentle body detox, and proven system that you simply have to follow to get you started then of course then I would recommend doing the full month Raw Promise.

So let’s go over the products that are included in our Raw Promise


FIXX , organic dark chocolate meal
replacement shake. Pleasantly nourishing with vitamins,
minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, protein, even an
organic fruit and vegetable blend! Perfectly sweetened
with the crystals of honey, and only 100 calories per pouch
Pulse & Pulse bars
26 raw whole food fruits, nuts, seeds, tubers and grains.
Comes in three great flavors cherry, raspberry & blueberry
Hemp Go nuts for Chocolate
Raw nut mix with  organic dark chocolate wafers.  GDleiciuoreat snack for the sweet tooth!
Kale Chips
Delicious dehydrated kale, with hemp seeds, garlic & scallions.
Power Code E2L is an all natural capsule for the purpose
of weight management. After months of research and
testing, this doctor-formulated product addresses the
five breakdowns in ‘fad’ diets; willpower, mental clarity,
energy, sleep, fat. Power Code E2L is a proprietary coded
formula giving us the willpower to “eat to live” rather

than “live to eat”, decisive rather than compulsive.

Pulse-8 , one of my favorites.  I taste like a refreshing lemonade, but so much more nutritious.
Pulse-8 is a powdered beverage containing L-Arginine and 8 heartfelt super ingredients including vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D, coQ10, inulin, acai, pomegranate and red wine extract.  Pulse-8 is about creating and sustaining a healthy heart with no artifiicial flavors and a low glycemic index.
Hemphoria – Our Peace & Happiness Blend
 24x concentrate. Hemphoria is a whole hemp seed concentrate with our complimentary proprietary blend of peace and happiness. In today’s world where mental health is often overlooked, peace has become priceless and happiness comes at a premium. Hemphoria is loaded with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and is incredible for circulation.


Marine Phytoplankton,Blueberry,Ionic Sea Mineral Blend,Aloe Vera,Frankincense,Omega Oils,Orange,Sweet Lime,
Noni,Polysaccharides,Ginger,Astaxanthin,Rose,Cranberry,Nutmeg,Rosemary,Grape,Passion Fruit
peppermint oil
Peppermint oil – Used to energize a sluggish body, digestion, respiratory support and mental clarity.
As you can see Raw Promise is a not about diet pills that block hunger, sugars, fat…  It’s about providing the body with optimal nutrition.
Begin your Raw Promise journey today , get these amazing products at direct prices and free membership with your first order.
Have questions email me at

Lose weight, gain health!

We all want good health, feel & look great!

Some of us need to lose pounds and inches, need more energy, correct nutritional deficiencies, regulate blood sugars, decrease inflammation….

There is no magic pill or potion that will just instantly give you the health results you want.

Health is about balance.  Providing the body with optimal nutrition, exercise, stay hydrated, keep stress under control, positive mind frame, uplifting relationships…..

My dad always told me eat to be thin and you will be unhealthy.  Eat to be healthy and you will be slim.

When people “diet” they often deprive their bodies of essential nutrients, because they focus on calorie counting.  Not all calories are created equal, just cause something is low calories does not mean that it provides the body with nutrients.

Health is about much more that weight.

So how do you ensure you get optimal nutrition in this fast pace life.

Set your goals.  Write them down and know why these is important to you.  How will you feel, what reward will you give yourself, what will keep you motivated to take action everyday towards your goal.

Grocery shopping.  Stay on the perimeter, that is where all the live food is.

Eliminate process foods, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oil (chemically made), everything white (potatoes, bread, pasta…)

Drink WATER, water & more water.   Keeping the body hydrated.

Eat all the colors of the rainbow!  Keep your diet fun and colorful.

What if you are on the run, how can you make nutrition convenient and still tasty?

Well I am a mother of 5, so you can say I am busy.  My pregnancy gains averaged 65-105 lbs.  I was always able to lose the majority, but not all.  After number 5 I found that I was often tired and struggled with digestive issues.  Although I eat healthy, and did not have enough nutrients to keep me going through my busy day. A year and half ago I tried the Raw Promise by Forevergreen.  The results I felt were amazing, I lost pounds & inches, my energy increase, I started to sleep better and my digestive issues no longer bother me.

See my transformation here:

Then I share as my friends and family seen my results, many began to improve there health with Raw Promise products.

Here is my mother-in-law’s transformation – over 60 lbs lost last year and has maintain her results

Raw food is the only medicine that works 100% of the time for 100% of the people.

Raw promise foods are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle.

Make health a enjoyable experience.

Begin your Raw Promise journey HERE


FG Xpress Surpasses 10,000 Distributors!

FG Xpress Surpasses 10,000 Distributors!

Breaking News…

Since the launch of FG Xpress we now have over 10,000 distributors!

Our recent FDA listing has accreted growth tremendously and we’re now adding over 2,000 new distributors per month and currently doing business in 127 Countries.

Check out the latest Wall Street Journal Press Release

Link to Press Release:

Join this amazing rapid growth opportunity.
More info here:


Strip your pain away

Strip your pain away

Powerstrips by FG Xpress
100% natural
Korean red ginseng, germanium, silver ions, marine phytoplankton & minerals
Transdermal delivery
FDA Class 1 medical device
Relief from Pain & discomfort
Can be used for all kinds of pain……
Back pain, knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, Muscle stiffness….

Since Powerstrips I have felt relief from back pain, more energy, sleeping better at night and great endurance during workout & quicker recovery!

You have nothing to lose except maybe some unwanted PAIN.


Great info on HEMP, I enjoyed this post, so sharing it! 🙂

Eclectic Thoughts

Click on the Truth Theory Logo for more articles, videos and other media on topics ranging from health to science, politics to conspiracies, as well as information on UFO’s, 911, historical mysteries and more. Great site! (E) 


by Jeffrey Green

Hemp is perhaps the answer to most problems in the world.  Ambitious, yes.  An exaggeration, no.

If grown extensively, its diverse uses can be of significant value to the environment, the economy, world hunger, personal health, and so much more.

For the environment, hemp can reduce deforestation, pesticide use, provide a sustainable biofuel, and replace GMO cotton among other benefits. It grows like a weed without the need for pesticides or heavy fertilizers.

Hemp does just about anything wood can do and it only takes 6 months to renew, not 20 years. It can be used to make paper, to build homes with, and as fuel…

View original post 406 more words

Hemp goodness!


So this a topic I really love!  HEMP!!!

Hemp is such a versatile plant.  Also known as cannabis sativa.

Hemp can be used to make over 30,000 different products.

First off let’s talk about nutrition.  This is such a complete seed and I believe a great addition to any healthy diet.

Hemp contains; Essential Fatty Acids, all 21 known amino acids (including 9 essential ones that the body cannot produce), protein, fiber.

In my home I have always a bag of hemp hearts, we add them to salad, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies. Hemp oil, hemp protein are 2 other products that I love having on hand.

The next thing that I will be trying is homemade hemp milk

hemp milk

Hemp Facts

  • Hemp fabric is softer, warmer, more water-resistant and more durable than cotton.  And uses less chemicals in production.
  • Hemp has a production rate of 10 tons per acres, every 4 months.
  • Trees mature in 50-100 years, hemp in as little as 100 days.
  • Hemp paper can be recycled up to 7 times, where as wood pulp paper can only be recycled up to 4 times.
  • Hemp fuel burns clean, does not destroy the ozone and does not cause acid rain.  Hemp fuel is 10 times less toxic than salt and as biodegradable as sugar

Here is a link to an article I saw posted today Hemp repairs DNA

There are so many reason to love HEMP.  Using hemp can help improve our health, environment & economy.

Wanna add more hemp to your diet?

Check out some  great hemp products in Forevergreen’s Verastiva eco-friendly line.

8th Principle of health – Spirituality

This is the last of the 8 principles of health that I have been highlighting for a little over a week now.


In the past spirituality was mostly associate with religion.

Now the meaning of what spirituality has broadened.

Here is what Wikipedia says about spirituality

“Spirituality can be sought not only through traditional organized religions, but also through movements such as liberalism, feminist theology, and green politics. Spirituality is also now associated with mental health, managing substance abuse, marital functioning, parenting, and coping. It has been suggested that spirituality also leads to finding purpose and meaning in life.”

So it may be different to everyone.  I do like the last part there that talks about finding your purpose & meaning in life.

We are all here for a reason, we all have something very special to offer the world, it’s our responsibility to figure it out and do it!

For me what I see as important is values, beliefs & faith.  This is what I think of when I think of spirituality.

Some may be part of a religion.  How to you strengthen your spirituality?

Attend meeting, read literature, get actively participating in activities conducted by your group.  You will grow but also will the support of others that have similar beliefs.

Maybe you are not religious, growing again spiritually would include the same activities.  Read material that enrich you at an emotional, subconscious level, that strengthen your belief & values.  Sharing with and being surround by others who share similar belief.  Do activities that empower your belief.

No matter what have FAITH!!!!

I recently went to a religious convention with a friend.  As an outside observer, I just loved what I seen there.  A community of believer, that had such faith, love…  The energy in that arena was amazing.  Everyone was so excited to be there, diligently study the materials presented.

Spirituality bring hope, strength, faith. When you are taking care of your spiritual needs it will have a positive impact on your emotional & physical health.

Spiritually balanced people  actions will most often reflect  love, respect, faith & integrity for themselves & everyone around them.


Draw time!

Draw time!

Alright so it’s Wednesday, draw time!!!
The lucky winners ( I say winners because I decided to give away not only one sample pack but two!)
So without delay I want to Congratulate are two Winners
Terrell Stewart of Colorado &
Nicole Glasson of Fox River Grove, IL


Pain & Negative Emotions

Pain & Negative Emotions

I am sharing this from a friend’s facebook post. To many people struggle with pain and it does take a toll on ones emotional health as well.
Here is what Bonnie had posted. There is a good article listed below.


Strip your pain away!

Strip your pain away!

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