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Manifesting desires

Some lessons I have learned about deliberately creating my life!

It truly does not matter what you are trying to achieve in life.

You may be wanting to get a promotion at work, build a business, get in shape/lose weight, get a new car, find your soul mate, make new friends, get your dream home, vacations….  There are so many thing we all want to have and do.

Are you seeing evidence of these things materializing in your life?  If so awesome!  You are obviously someone who is clear and in alignment with your true desires and you take actions to making this things a reality.

But what if you don’t??

See I grew up with a dad who when I would come home complaining about how a friend had treated me unfairly, or that complaining about an event, would always turn it around and ask why did you attract this, why did you create this.

As a teen let’s just say I wasn’t too open and most times very frustrated with my dad response.  How dare he think it was my fault, was what I thought.

But in my early 20’s, after watching the movie the SECRET, the light bulb came on.  I finally got it, the lessons that I had learned from my dad growing up now made sense to me.

It had to do with the thoughts I was thinking.  I was allowing my fears to dominate my mind and wondering why they were showing up so often. (just my luck right!!) But I was taught as a child that we created our  luck, so what was really happening???  I was creating the very things I did not want.

You probably have heard about the law of attraction.  This universal force,  a constant flowing of energy.  When thinking of the law of attraction this is what comes to mind…

You attract what you think about most…   Whatever you give you will get (do good things for yourself & other, think good positive thought, and those are the type of experiences you will begin to create)

So after embracing the SECRET, I decided to live my life as a deliberate creator, instead of creating by default due to circumstance.  Did I manifest all my dreams that day, of course not.  To this day after a few years of applying this, I have manifested certain things, but I continue to grow & learn everyday.

The first thing I had to do was take responsibility, wow that was a big one.  Everything that was in my life good or bad was there because of me, my thoughts & actions. This was emotional for me.  I had to let go of many limiting belief I had created, let go of anger & resentment…

The second is I really had to sit down and take note on what I was grateful for.  I think when moving forward this is probably one of the most powerful exercises, consciously being aware of the blessing in your life, expressing gratitude.  This puts you in a state of feeling good.  When you appreciate you live in the moment, you don’t tend to take things for granted, thus enjoying all the marvelous things you are creating.

****IMPORTANT**** Watch your inner dialogue.  Are you focused on what you do want or don’t want.  Take note of your feelings as you go about your day.  Feelings are your guide to know if you are attracting things that will be pleasing or not.

Positive thoughts attract positive things, just as negative thoughts attract negative things or circumstances.

My favorite book on understanding the law of attraction, is Ask & it is Given by Esther Hicks.  Not only does it show you what is the law of attraction, how it works, it also includes many process you do overcome fears, blockages, limiting belief … get you in a state of allowing.

If manifesting your dreams is something you want to take control of I recommend finding an author that speaks on this topic,  someone whose teachings resonates with you and get reading, invest in yourself. Train your subconscious mind.

We are all students in life, continuously changing, growing….. life is a journey…. we will all have ups and downs, and those are part of our personal GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT.

The bottom line of my message today is be aware… of what you are thinking, how you are reacting, how you are feeling…

When thoughts, feelings are in line with the things you want, make sure you take action!


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