Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

Ginseng has been long used as a herb to improve health.

 It’s scientific name “PANAX” comes from the greek word “HEALS ALL”.

So what does Ginseng really do forthe body, well first of all it’s an adaptogen,  it promotes overall well being  by regulating/normalizing the body’s functions.

If you have high blood pressure for example, it has the ability to  help decrease it, if you have low blood pressure it also has the ability to help raise it back up, it creates balance.  A body that is in a state of balance is a healthy body.

So what are some of the things that you may see in an improvement with by using Ginseng:

Pain relief, Stress relief, increasing stamina, prolonging athletic endurance , overall  feeling of well being.  Decrease in anxiety, depression and mental psychosis.

Ginseng also has many benefits on the immune system, such as fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and helping with chronic fatigue.  There also many studies showing that Ginseng helps with erectile dysfunction, and for women it can help with PMS & menopause.

So here are some of the many benefits that Ginseng can have on our body’s function and overall health.

Now my title said Fermented Korean red Ginseng, the reason is because this is the type of Ginseng used in our POWERSTRIPS.

In Ginseng you fill find SAPONINS.  Saponin comes from greek word sapona meaning soap.  Saponin can be found in a number of different plants, but usually found only in small amounts.

The red ginseng saponin has mild medicinal characteristics with no toxins, and is completely different from saponin found in other plants in its chemical makeup.

Saponins produce an active compound called ginsenosides whose key medical benefits reach out to the central nerve system, endocrine system, immune system, metabolism, etc. and have various effect on the body’s conditioning function.

Fermentation of the Ginseng, increases the absorption rate of ginsenoside.

Research has shown that Korean Red Ginseng is not well absorbed in the digestive track, making our trans-dermal delivery (through the skin) much better, and adding to the increase absorption & benefit of this powerful plant.


For more information on FG Xpress Powerstrips 


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