Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

What you need to do to build an FG Xpress Business?

Today I want to go into what in takes to build your own FG Xpress business.

Basic FG Xpress business requirements. 1st it’s a 12$ membership, this give you your own replicated website & virtual back office to track your personal & team progress.

Second, it’s picking the FG Xpress Powerstrip product pack that is best for you.

Single – pack of 15 – 59.95$US (50pts)
Double – 2x pack of 15 – 119.95$US (100pts)
8 pack – 8 x pack of 15 – 419.95 $US (300pts) – in this pack you pay for 7 get 1 free – this grandfathers you in at 3 star level bonus earning for 6 month – get paid more from day 1
Lateral Benefit pack – 20 packs -995 $US, free track-able shipping, also 6 month 3 star bonus earning…..
All packs are shipped individually anywhere in the world for 4.95$US (except in the benefit pack)
Where you want to start is completely up to you, with 4 choices there is one that will fit for you.
To remain active and ensure you earn bonuses you have to maintain a minimum order of 50pts (single pack) every 4 weeks.

So for as little as 2.16 $US you could have your own FG Xpress home business.

So you have signed up, placed your first order. Set up your monthly auto-ship. Now this is where it really begins. You need to start with training. Like any project you take on, you need knowledge & skill. In MLM, you can earn as you learn, but make sure you are balancing these, don’t worry about knowing everything, but at least have a good idea of what you are wanting to present to your prospect, why & how you want to deliver the information. With FG Xpress we have a training guide that will help you get started and that where you will work closely with your sponsor.
Have a home base business is fun & rewarding but it doesn’t build itself. It does require hard work, dedication & persistence. If you want true sustainable success, it will be the result of consistent effort. You can do this in as little as 10-15 hrs a week, you may want to spend more, that’s up to you, but you want to at least commit minimum 10 hrs a week.. But you have to schedule that time in and do it!!! No one else will build your dreams for you. But you can be part of a team that will help you build.
Keep in mind that results may not appear overnight. People may need several exposures to make a decision. In your first weeks, and months you are sowing the seeds, it does take time for the crop to rip pen. Nurture it, and have patience, some will build faster than other, commit at least 6 month of constant effort a starting line to making your dreams come true.

So what is needed to build FGX
1. 12$ membership
2. Pick your starting pack
3. Set up your autoship (minimum 50pts every 4 weeks)
4. Training, work with sponsor, connect to company calls
5. Take action – commit at least 10-15 hrs a week
6. Commit to taking these actions for at least 6 months to start building your dream (this is just the start though)
7. Get out there and share Powerstrips with the world!!
Join Team FGX and you will receive the support of a team of sponsors & mentors that truly care about your success.

Want to know more about this incredible global opportunity. And bonus offers with Team FGX?
Want to learn more about me, what kind of sponsor I am, check out the about me page of my blog.

Wishing everyone a fun & joyful weekend!

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