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MLM - we do have a better way!

So I joined the MLM industry, because as in the words of Eric Worre “We have a better way”. And I truly believe this.
What other industry do you know of, that has unlimited earning potential for everyone! Everyone in this industry is an equal, you don’t need specific level of education, regardless of age you have the chance to build something incredible.
I grew up around the industry, my grand-mother support herself and 9 kids with her Amway business after my grandfather passed away at a young age. This was back in the day when you had a store in your home. Times have changes a little most companies do not require you to hold large inventories.
Now it’s my turn, mother of 5, injured husband (ex- gold miner) what to do, can’t work outside the home. So I went to work in finding the perfect home for me, to build a income to support my family, something that I could be passionate about, and leave me with the time freedom to be available to my family when they need me.
What are the top things I looked for in choosing my company.
#1 – A product or service I would love to use (you got a be a product of the product, when you share something you believe in it has a far greater impact!)
#2 – Tools ( I wanted a company that provided me the tools and training I need to grow & track my business without have to pay extra for them, ei. replicated websites, videos, virtual back office…)
#3 – Then finding a sponsor – MLM is about relationships – it’S about teaching & sharing. You want to find someone that will be available to support and motivate you. Someone that you enjoy talking too, because especially in the beginning you will be spending much time talking with this person.
#4 Cost & commission – I wanted something that was not high start up, the reason in the beginning not everyone can afford a lot. For commissions, I look at what type of payout they have. Do they have Fast start bonus, weekly or monthly team bonus and % of pay out), rank advancement bonuses…. What are the monthly minimum requirements to stay active? These are all important things to look at.

Once you find that home you will be so excited! But make sure you take time to meet with your sponsor. Define your goals & action plan.
Take time out to learn the skills – this is so important, you would never start a new job without adequate training, why would you do it with your home based business? Find resources that can help you build those skills.
I personally love Eric Worre – Network marketing pro, so much great value in his material.
Other books I really love, Think & Grow rich (there is also a work book to help you apply the things you learn), How to win friends and influence people
With the internet, there in no limit on what you can find for tools to help you grow, info on blogs, building website…..
This industry is fun, rewarding. You are in complete control of your destiny here. Just remeber to invest in yourself and your business. Learn the skills needed to be a professional in this industry.

Happy , productive day to you!


Comments on: "MLM – we do have a better way!" (4)

  1. jenniferhelps said:

    MLM is a powerful force, and it will work, if people work it!

    Thanks for the kind comments on my blog, and I just saw your photo; you are so pretty! What an awesome smile! What a great testimonial, and congratulations on the 23 pounds!

    I run five miles daily, and can imagine how hard it must be to lose weight! We all have to be committed to our health, both physical and mental, and to our businesses.

    Sounds like you’re on your way! Keep up the awesome job!

    Looking forward to that new and improved About Me page!

    • Thanks Jen,
      I have never been big, but after 5 pregnancies of 65-100lbs weight gain. It feel really good to be back into a size 3. Not to mention to strength and confidence I have gained! 🙂
      Your blog posts are very informative & motivating. I look forward everyday to see what you are going to post!

      • jenniferhelps said:

        Well, even if you were a size 23, YOU are beautiful inside and out! I commend you for all the hard work!

        Thanks for the kind words about my writing, and I hope you are enjoying that FREE PDF of The Master Key System that you got from our website! Maybe a few others will want their own personal copy!

        It is a great book, and it has helped millions of people in the past 100 years!

        I was reading your materials and they are fabulous, and your products are needed by many people! If anyone wants to make money, YOUR opportunity is as good as any, BUT it requires WORK. So many people do not want to do the work they need to do, and they end up leading ordinary (sometimes boring) lives!

        Glad to see YOU are “making things happen,” my dear, and continue the great work!

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