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My greatest lessons in life

We are all here to learn, to experience, to enjoy this physical life journey. Our experiences will lead to some of the greatest lessons ever!
Greatest Lessons #1 – Attitude of Gratitude – be grateful everyday. When you are grateful for what is, you make room for more good things to enter into your experience.

Greatest Lessons #2 – Respect – We are wonderful and unique. Embrace people as their are, have respect for everyone around you. Whatever you send out, will come back to you. and most of all Respect YOURSELF!!!

Greatest Lessons #3 – Don’t sweat the small stuff – when faced by a situation, take a deep breath, before reacting. Will this matter in days, months or years from now. If not don’t let your emotions run out of control, don’t allow circumstance to interfere with your happiness, we will all have up and downs, but take worry out of the equations, allows more room for solution to enter.

There are so many great lessons I have learned and these are only a few of them.
I’d like to share one more …..

Greatest Lesson #4 – Don’t take it personally – You will encounter circumstances in life, when someone is not nice to you, talks bad about you… don’t take it personally, it’s not about you. Their personal reactions are about them. You do not need to own their emotions or reactions, you have enough of your own!

What are some of the greatest lessons you have learned?
Pay close attention to the great lessons in your life, they will serve you well!

Wishing you love, happiness, health & abundance,


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