Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

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Why I am build a home based business

We all have our reasons for starting a home based business.

We want control over our time and earnings, we don’t want to work for someone else; we want tax deductions associate with having a home based business; maybe it give you that little extra to take that vacation or pay down some debt; we want to stay home with the kids…..  there are so many reason and mine are a little of all the above.

First off neither my husband or I work outside the home.  I have been a stay at home mom since the arrival of baby #3 who will be nine this week.  I have enjoyed being at home with my 5 kids and never missing an important moment.  My husband on the other hand was an underground miner, thus giving us the financial flexibility for me to be home, 4.5 yrs ago he severely injured his back and has not been able to return to work.   Luckily he does have a pension with compensation, but I tell ya, it’s no mining salary.

#1 reason I started a home based business was to provide for my family.  Since I did not want to change the fact of being at stay at home mom, this made the most sense to me.  I needed to bring in the little extra so that my kids could continue in their sports.  My oldest boy plays competitive hockey,  a goaltender at the AA level, not cheap for mommy & daddy. We also love to travel and since we do not have any family that lives nearby we travel several times a year.

#2 – social life.  My business is my opportunity to go out make new friends and socialize with other adults that have common interest, health, business…  I work with many friends & family members.  But the beauty of the industry is making new friendships.  With FG Xpress I have made new friends in different parts of the world.  I am surrounded by amazing people!

#3 – Money – In MLM you get paid based on the your own effort.  No matter if you work part-time or full-time your income will be a reflection of the actions you have taken.  I love knowing that no one else control my income potential, it’s completely up to me.  From month to month my goals may change depending on plans, circumstance.  If I need to make more for whatever reason, well it’s simple get sharing with more people!!!

#4 Time freedom  I never have to ask my boss for a day off.  I can work anywhere I would like.  Now with internet, laptops & other mobile devices.  I can even get a few hours of work in when I am on holidays with the family.  Actually as I write this I am sitting in my hotel room chilling with my kids, hubby, sister-in-law & nephew.  Getting a little done before our next dip at the pool.   I love this.

We all have our reason to start a home based business.   We can all benefit from time freedom, extra income, and in building new friendships.

What are your reasons for wanting a home base business?  Knowing why you are doing this will help you keep focused, it will motivated to keep going when time getting tough.

If you have not found that home (business) you are looking for, check out the backstage tour of FG Xpress,

Join our team of success driven individuals

Improving the health of your blood cells with Powerstrips

Powerstrips by FG Xpress are a breakthrough technology providing pain relief , energy & much more.

Now these are not your regular pain reduction patches.

Unlike some of these warming patches on the market, or other pain relief products.  Powerstrips do help many get relief from pain, but they do so much more.  If you treat them like a Tylenol and use them only when pain occurs you are missing out on so much the potential health benefits relate to using Powerstrips.

The transdermal strips deliver nutrition to the cells of the body.  First of all the promote detoxification of the cells.  So it’s like a 24/7 gentle cleanse.

The silver in the strips help to improve the immune system.  The Marine phytoplankton provide 72 minerals into the body.

They help improve your energy, mental clarity, athletic performance, endurance, stamina, sexual function (erectile dysfunction in men)

I could go on and on of all the benefits one could experience from using Powerstrips regularly, you can see from the list above that it does so much more than just act as a pain reliever.

Here is a short youtube video showing how it improved the blood cell after 24hrs of use.   ENJOY!!


Transforming your body & life

So below  is my Raw Promise transformation.

I truly believe that health is balance.

Back in 2010 I got shingles (at 29 yrs old).

Can you say out of balance!!

My youngest was 5 month old, I was breastfeeding day & night, caring for my 4 older children and my husband who suffered a back injury 1 yr prior. I just had run myself into the ground. I knew better but I was just trying to survive with all the heavy demands on me.

I tell you shingles were a wake up call, it is one of the most painful experiences I have ever had.  That was when I reach my breaking point , and I started to take control.
I started to take the time to do the things I knew I should. I took out my juicer again, started to take naps with the baby, made of point of getting fresh air daily, got the kids involved in helping more around the house.  I let go of unnecessary worrying, began reading, using daily affirmations, exercising (even if it was only 15 minutes).
So from there things improved, and in 2012. I started my journey with Forevergreen & the Raw Promise. I got amazing results, lbs gone, inches gone, more energy…. felt great!
The physical results have been great but it doesn’t stop there. When you feel energized, you feel strong, you become more confident, motivated, determined….

So then what…the obvious was help others… achieve optimal health (not just weight loss).
The Raw Promise is one of many tools that have helped me. Getting healthy has never tasted this great, been so nutritious and so convenient for those on the run. (
Staying hydrated & choosing carefully what you eat makes a difference in your results. Eat to live not live to eat.  Eating as close to nature as possible, and providing the body with a balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, protein, healthy carbs….

So we talked about feeding your body right. What about the mind, what are you feeding it?

The messages you send yourself are just as equally important. Encourage yourself, think positive thoughts, enjoy your journey to improved health (if it’s fun you will stick with it), take many deep breath throughout the day, keep that body oxygenated, relaxed. Laugh & smile a lot. Surround yourself with others that also are positive, that support & encourage you..
Get Moving.. No matter where you are starting from you just gotta get up and move. I work out from home, I don’t live where I have access to a gym. Many will prefer the gym setting, pick whatever methods is best for you.  Make the time for you, plan workouts that you know you will be excited to do. Challenge yourself continuously.
Another tool that has helped me has been my powerstrips. After the shingles in my lower back, I suffered from back pain. That can make it hard to workout. The Powerstrips have help with pain relief. Not to mention I notice a increase in mobility, endurance, and muscle recovery! My fitness level has greatly increase since I began using Powerstrips, I also sleep better at night and have had improved circulation!  (

Health is about balance.

What are you putting in your body?

Are you moving everyday, challenging yourself?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you feeding your mind?

Start making YOU a priority in your life and you will see abundance in all areas of your life.

What makes Fg Xpress unique?

It doesn’t take long to figure out when you are looking to start a home based business, there is no lack of options.  So how do you comb through this overwhelming amount of choice to begin to decide what company you would like to join.

First off, you have to consider what could you see yourself sharing with other with enthusiasm.  Maybe you like purse, cosmetics, jewelry, spices, health products…..

Well today I am reaching out to those who have an interest in health & wellness, and helping other.

I want to share what I love best about FG Xpress

#1      The product – Powerstrips are Dr. formulated, patented, exclusively ours.  There is a huge market demand for powerstrips.  How often do you hear people talking about pain. Could be due to a health condition, injury, but statistic have shown that over 50% of the world’s population suffers with some type of pain.  We have an all natural solution that is already providing pain relief to many all over the globe.

#2      Pre-launch (without the risk)  FG Xpress is a division of a 9 yr old publicly traded proven wellness company, Forevergreen.

#3      Entirely global from day 1.  Powerstrips are mailed in a beautiful greeting card, and can be mailed to any address on the planet for the same price.  Pre-launch began Jan.1st 2013 and Powerstrips are already being shipped to over 80 different countries.

#4      Founder’s club – because we are in pre-launch and this is just the beginning, members have a unique chance to be part of an elite club.  The founder club , 1st 100 people globally to reach rank of 3 star will be part of this group.  This means double cash bonuses when it come to rank advancements , as well as other recognitions.

# 5     5 exciting ways to earn – Fast start bonus , 25% bonus on all new personally enrolled members first orders

–  X-tribe bonus – 100-200$ monthly bonus

–  Team Bonus (binary plan) 8-12% on team volume

–  Match Bonus, you could match up to 50% of other team members cheques

–  Rank advancement bonus – cash bonuses for achieving new ranks

#6   Replicated websites and back office – with no additional fees (I know many companies out there have this for free, but there are also many that charge you for these, I love knowing that I               don’t have to pay to monitor my business)

#7    Training and support – training manual, YouTube videos, brochures… at your fingertips.

#8   It’s simplicity – 1 product, one price, global distribution

I truly believe that anyone who puts forth the effort will succeed with FG Xpress.  We have a product that is exclusive and in high demand.  Tools & training able to help anyone start out whether they are brand new to the industry or have been around for a while.

If what you have read here peaks your curiosity, I invite you to come and have a backstage tour of FG Xpress.

Have a great weekend!

Tax breaks – Another reason for having a home based business

I love the MLM industry.  Home based businesses are a great way for people to create income & time freedom.  Now legitimate business are not get rich schemes.  You need to work at in, by investing in your business, in your team to have it grow to meet your desired goals.

Now on top of being able to create residual income beyond your wildest dreams.  Another great incentive of building a home based business is the tax breaks.

I live in Canada, and obviously what you can claim is different depending where you live.   Having a home office has made it possible to claim a percentage of such things as utility bills, mileage on my vehicle, gas, phone bills, internet bills, office supplies, trip I take for business…….

Now that is a great incentive, not only can you earn more, you can pay less on what you earn.

Here is a great video I seen this morning.  It is geared to US business owners.  But anyone can get value in the material presented here.

As you will see, having a home based business, whether you want to work it full-time or part-time, is a smart financial decision.

This also applies to any type of work from home business, not only MLM.


Manifesting desires

Some lessons I have learned about deliberately creating my life!

It truly does not matter what you are trying to achieve in life.

You may be wanting to get a promotion at work, build a business, get in shape/lose weight, get a new car, find your soul mate, make new friends, get your dream home, vacations….  There are so many thing we all want to have and do.

Are you seeing evidence of these things materializing in your life?  If so awesome!  You are obviously someone who is clear and in alignment with your true desires and you take actions to making this things a reality.

But what if you don’t??

See I grew up with a dad who when I would come home complaining about how a friend had treated me unfairly, or that complaining about an event, would always turn it around and ask why did you attract this, why did you create this.

As a teen let’s just say I wasn’t too open and most times very frustrated with my dad response.  How dare he think it was my fault, was what I thought.

But in my early 20’s, after watching the movie the SECRET, the light bulb came on.  I finally got it, the lessons that I had learned from my dad growing up now made sense to me.

It had to do with the thoughts I was thinking.  I was allowing my fears to dominate my mind and wondering why they were showing up so often. (just my luck right!!) But I was taught as a child that we created our  luck, so what was really happening???  I was creating the very things I did not want.

You probably have heard about the law of attraction.  This universal force,  a constant flowing of energy.  When thinking of the law of attraction this is what comes to mind…

You attract what you think about most…   Whatever you give you will get (do good things for yourself & other, think good positive thought, and those are the type of experiences you will begin to create)

So after embracing the SECRET, I decided to live my life as a deliberate creator, instead of creating by default due to circumstance.  Did I manifest all my dreams that day, of course not.  To this day after a few years of applying this, I have manifested certain things, but I continue to grow & learn everyday.

The first thing I had to do was take responsibility, wow that was a big one.  Everything that was in my life good or bad was there because of me, my thoughts & actions. This was emotional for me.  I had to let go of many limiting belief I had created, let go of anger & resentment…

The second is I really had to sit down and take note on what I was grateful for.  I think when moving forward this is probably one of the most powerful exercises, consciously being aware of the blessing in your life, expressing gratitude.  This puts you in a state of feeling good.  When you appreciate you live in the moment, you don’t tend to take things for granted, thus enjoying all the marvelous things you are creating.

****IMPORTANT**** Watch your inner dialogue.  Are you focused on what you do want or don’t want.  Take note of your feelings as you go about your day.  Feelings are your guide to know if you are attracting things that will be pleasing or not.

Positive thoughts attract positive things, just as negative thoughts attract negative things or circumstances.

My favorite book on understanding the law of attraction, is Ask & it is Given by Esther Hicks.  Not only does it show you what is the law of attraction, how it works, it also includes many process you do overcome fears, blockages, limiting belief … get you in a state of allowing.

If manifesting your dreams is something you want to take control of I recommend finding an author that speaks on this topic,  someone whose teachings resonates with you and get reading, invest in yourself. Train your subconscious mind.

We are all students in life, continuously changing, growing….. life is a journey…. we will all have ups and downs, and those are part of our personal GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT.

The bottom line of my message today is be aware… of what you are thinking, how you are reacting, how you are feeling…

When thoughts, feelings are in line with the things you want, make sure you take action!


Go Global!

Have you ever wanted to work from home and build a global team?

I have always dreamed about being able to this, but not having any personal contact in other countries, I didn’t know how this would be possible.

Thanks to the power of the internet and our FG Xpress Global Opportunity I am happy to say that for me this is now becoming a reality.

First of all FG Xpress is a Pre-launch global opportunity.  No boundaries, FG Xpress is able to shipped Powerstrips to any country in the world.

In our first 6 month we have already reached over 80 countries, now that big for a consumable product business.

We have one product Powerstrips.  Dr. formulated, Patented and exclusively ours.  The cost of Powerstrips starts at 59.95$ US per pack (15 strips) +4.95$ US for shipping.  Now this cost is the same no matter where you live in the world.

In previous posts I have gone into what Powerstrips are.  A brief overview; transdermal delivery of nutrients proving pain relief, energy & more….

When you think that statistics show that more than 50% of the world’s population suffers with some type a pain, you can see that the market for these is HUGE!!!

We truly have a global community within the FG Xpress family.  I have personally sponsored people internationally because of social media, in countries like South Africa, Belgium, Belize, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago , Italy.  People that I did not know prior to FG Xpress, and I feel truly blessed that this product and company has brought us together.

With FG Xpress lives are being changed, physically & financial.

Would you like to be part of our team?  Helping people all around the world experience relief and create financial wellness.

Want more info, please go to the about me page of my blog for a link to my FG Xpress Powerstrip website.

Happy Monday!

9 foods to avoid when creating a healthy lifestyle

As a mother of 5, and very health conscious I am always researching what we should and should not be eating.  I do admit I not a fanatic, my kids do have a little sugar at time, last night I had a few potato chips watching a movie with the family.  But as a whole, we concentrate on whole foods, balanced nutrition in our home.  My kids know the difference between a treat and something that is part of our “diet”.   And I take time out to explain to them why we eat certain things and why there are others that are a strict NO.  I include them in the grocery shopping and stick as much as possible to the outer isle, where all the whole live food is.

I think for the most part we all want to be  healthy, making informed decision is crucial to good health, make sure you know what you are putting in your body.

The point of eating is to provide the cells of our body the nutrition they need to preform their daily functions.  We see to often people in the world today who are over fed and under nourished.

We need to EAT to LIVE & not LIVE to EAT!

Where to start getting the information to making the right choice, listening to the media can be sometime quite confusing.  Butter or margarine?  Organic & Not?  Sugar or artificial sweeteners?

I hear people all the time saying ,  “you hear that everything is bad, so what’s the point?” , “the water & the air is polluted, are lands are depleted…..”

I look at this way, I cannot control everything, but the things that I can I will!  It will make a difference in the end.

When I research health one of my favorite sources of information is Dr. Mercola.

In his new letter today he shared an article about the 9 junk foods that most people think are healthy.

Canned tomatoes *Processed Meats*Margarine*vegetable oils*Microwave popcorn* non-organic potatoes or other produce know for high pesticide contamination*table salt*soy protein isolate and other unfermented soy products & artificial sweeteners.

I am personally gonna touch on a few of these before I share the article for you to check out for yourself.

So #1 I am so guilty of this one, I love making my homemade soups from scratch & do not use bouillon or stock.  Unless It is from a roast, or chicken that I have cooked myself.  So for me this is one I will have to work on, living in a smaller northern town, can be challenging for freshness & price.

If you love your popcorn, invest in an air popper.  In the end you will save money and you eliminate all the toxins associated with microwaving, especially in those bags that it comes in.

Organic veggies VS non-organic, yup organic cost more.

Health is costly these days, but lack of healthy will cost you even more in the long run.  Now what if you don’t have access to organic produce where you live.  I know for me this is a huge issue, I would have to drive over 2.5 hrs away if I wanted to buy organic.  Sometimes you need to make the best with what you got.  So in the summer I plant a garden and try to grow most of  my own, but I do not produce enough to provide for my family all year-long.  So when I have to buy fruits and veggies that are not organic, as soon as I get home, I will soak them in water (sink full) and vinegar (1 cup) – this may not remove everything but it removes some of the impurities, it’s always about moving towards something better, not necessarily perfection!

Artificial Sweeteners – is something I feel very strongly against.

My kids are not allowed to chew gum because most on the market contain this “poison”.   This one is the biggest of the no-no’s in my house, this one to me is a non compromise.   The first article I read about artificial sweeteners was 16 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my first child.  It was about a research done showing that artificial sweeteners metabolized as alcohol in undeveloped blood stream, and that in some extreme cases a child could be born with FAS (fetal Alcohol Syndrome) from a mother over consuming artificial sweeteners.  Now does this happen often, NO, but why would you want to risk it!  There are better alternatives out there.  That was enough to make me wonder if this is true what other damage can these artificial sweeteners do to our bodies?????

Soy- is the other one I will give my two cents on.

Being lactose intolerant my whole life, I choose as a young adult to switch to soy.  Well it did not take long before I was sicker than before.  Stomach cramps, headaches… so I eliminated soy from my diet and things go better.  I will not go to deeply in to this, but the commercialized soy that we see being market in most grocery stores, is processed & most soy is GMO (this does not mean that all the worlds soy is but that the convenience products found normally are). Process foods are bad.  Soy has been shown to interfere with hormones in women and so many other negative health effects.  So again this is a personal choice but this is one that I personally stay clear of.

I hope you found value in this post today.  If you are truly looking to improve your health, I invite you to CLICK HERE take a look at the article that Dr. mercola shared today!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy day.

And to all the wonderful dads out there HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!



Fermented Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng has been long used as a herb to improve health.

 It’s scientific name “PANAX” comes from the greek word “HEALS ALL”.

So what does Ginseng really do forthe body, well first of all it’s an adaptogen,  it promotes overall well being  by regulating/normalizing the body’s functions.

If you have high blood pressure for example, it has the ability to  help decrease it, if you have low blood pressure it also has the ability to help raise it back up, it creates balance.  A body that is in a state of balance is a healthy body.

So what are some of the things that you may see in an improvement with by using Ginseng:

Pain relief, Stress relief, increasing stamina, prolonging athletic endurance , overall  feeling of well being.  Decrease in anxiety, depression and mental psychosis.

Ginseng also has many benefits on the immune system, such as fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and helping with chronic fatigue.  There also many studies showing that Ginseng helps with erectile dysfunction, and for women it can help with PMS & menopause.

So here are some of the many benefits that Ginseng can have on our body’s function and overall health.

Now my title said Fermented Korean red Ginseng, the reason is because this is the type of Ginseng used in our POWERSTRIPS.

In Ginseng you fill find SAPONINS.  Saponin comes from greek word sapona meaning soap.  Saponin can be found in a number of different plants, but usually found only in small amounts.

The red ginseng saponin has mild medicinal characteristics with no toxins, and is completely different from saponin found in other plants in its chemical makeup.

Saponins produce an active compound called ginsenosides whose key medical benefits reach out to the central nerve system, endocrine system, immune system, metabolism, etc. and have various effect on the body’s conditioning function.

Fermentation of the Ginseng, increases the absorption rate of ginsenoside.

Research has shown that Korean Red Ginseng is not well absorbed in the digestive track, making our trans-dermal delivery (through the skin) much better, and adding to the increase absorption & benefit of this powerful plant.


For more information on FG Xpress Powerstrips 


What you need to do to build an FG Xpress Business?

What you need to do to build an FG Xpress Business?

Today I want to go into what in takes to build your own FG Xpress business.

Basic FG Xpress business requirements. 1st it’s a 12$ membership, this give you your own replicated website & virtual back office to track your personal & team progress.

Second, it’s picking the FG Xpress Powerstrip product pack that is best for you.

Single – pack of 15 – 59.95$US (50pts)
Double – 2x pack of 15 – 119.95$US (100pts)
8 pack – 8 x pack of 15 – 419.95 $US (300pts) – in this pack you pay for 7 get 1 free – this grandfathers you in at 3 star level bonus earning for 6 month – get paid more from day 1
Lateral Benefit pack – 20 packs -995 $US, free track-able shipping, also 6 month 3 star bonus earning…..
All packs are shipped individually anywhere in the world for 4.95$US (except in the benefit pack)
Where you want to start is completely up to you, with 4 choices there is one that will fit for you.
To remain active and ensure you earn bonuses you have to maintain a minimum order of 50pts (single pack) every 4 weeks.

So for as little as 2.16 $US you could have your own FG Xpress home business.

So you have signed up, placed your first order. Set up your monthly auto-ship. Now this is where it really begins. You need to start with training. Like any project you take on, you need knowledge & skill. In MLM, you can earn as you learn, but make sure you are balancing these, don’t worry about knowing everything, but at least have a good idea of what you are wanting to present to your prospect, why & how you want to deliver the information. With FG Xpress we have a training guide that will help you get started and that where you will work closely with your sponsor.
Have a home base business is fun & rewarding but it doesn’t build itself. It does require hard work, dedication & persistence. If you want true sustainable success, it will be the result of consistent effort. You can do this in as little as 10-15 hrs a week, you may want to spend more, that’s up to you, but you want to at least commit minimum 10 hrs a week.. But you have to schedule that time in and do it!!! No one else will build your dreams for you. But you can be part of a team that will help you build.
Keep in mind that results may not appear overnight. People may need several exposures to make a decision. In your first weeks, and months you are sowing the seeds, it does take time for the crop to rip pen. Nurture it, and have patience, some will build faster than other, commit at least 6 month of constant effort a starting line to making your dreams come true.

So what is needed to build FGX
1. 12$ membership
2. Pick your starting pack
3. Set up your autoship (minimum 50pts every 4 weeks)
4. Training, work with sponsor, connect to company calls
5. Take action – commit at least 10-15 hrs a week
6. Commit to taking these actions for at least 6 months to start building your dream (this is just the start though)
7. Get out there and share Powerstrips with the world!!
Join Team FGX and you will receive the support of a team of sponsors & mentors that truly care about your success.

Want to know more about this incredible global opportunity. And bonus offers with Team FGX?
Want to learn more about me, what kind of sponsor I am, check out the about me page of my blog.

Wishing everyone a fun & joyful weekend!

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