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What are saponins

Korean Red ginseng, key ingredient in Powerstrips. Let’s explore the saponins component of Ginseng and the health benefits related to them

Ginseng contains 24 types of saponin, while red ginseng contains 32 types. Thanks to the continued research efforts of renowned scientists around the world, its chemical structure, as well as its medical vitality are being uncovered.
Benefits of saponin:
– Breaks down fat well, accelerates nutrient absorption and digestion;
– Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects;
– Helps erectile dysfunction;
– Revitalizes enzymes within cells and improves metabolism;
– Increases energy, invigorates, aids fatigue recovery, improves lethargy and lack of appetite;
– Improves serum protein synthesis;
– Stimulates activity of the enzyme involved in the process of bone building and repair, and increase calcium deposition by bone marrow stem cells;
– Improves arterial flexibility significantly and decreases blood pressure;
– Improves depression by increasing levels of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline.
According to recent studies, such benefits of red ginseng intake are a result of red ginseng saponin, and non-saponin components working together. However, it has been revealed that much of the broad physiologically vitalizing effects of red ginseng are centered around saponin.
Several studies have found evidence to support the belief that saponins have potent anti-carcinogenic properties. It is thought that saponins protect against cancers via a range of different mechanisms, including an overall antioxidant effect, direct and select cytotoxicity of cancer cells, immune- modulation, and regulation of cell proliferation.

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  1. jenniferhelps said:

    Brilliant information and so true! Mother Earth has given us so many herbs, roots, flowers, leaves, berries and other gifts, and thank goodness that modern technology has helped us to understand them, and to extract the powerful components, and use them to help people, heal people, and slow down the aging process!

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