Health is balance, I have partnered with an incredible company- Forevergreeen and it's new division FG Xpress. I will be sharing our amazing Powerstrips and info to help anyone on the journey to improved physical & financial health

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Fat Loss & Powerstrips

Fat Loss & Powerstrips

New testimonial about fat loss!

I personally started wearing the patches a few weeks ago, for me I have felt literally on fire. I am able to test the results through a Bio-impedance program I use. I have reduced fat, increased my intracellular water, with a marked increase in my cellular health.Vicki D



Kiva – FGX – Inspiration

Kiva - FGX  - Inspiration


Everyday of the week, Xpress will invest in a new business. We have aligned ourselves with Kiva, a well known, internationally operated, non-profit organization, with the intent to bless the lives of struggling entrepreneurs who need financial support.

Create and witness with us the new face (entrepreneur), the new business, every day of the week.


5 ways to earn with FGX

5 ways to earn with FGX

Pre-launch with 5 great ways to earn. Fast start (25% on new orders), X-tribe bonus (100-200$ monthly) Team Bonus (8-12% paid weekly) Match bonus (up to 50%) Title Bonus (Rank advancement cash bonuses). Did I mention it’s global, no limits to where you can build your business. Msg me for more info


Tonight’s the night!!

Tonight's the night!!

If you have been wondering what FG Xpress and Powerstrips are all about, than join us tonight for an exciting informative call.
Check out my facebook event for all the details and to register.


Check out this event!

Check out this event!

People all around the world are getting excited about FG Xpress. Now shipping to 40 more countries in 12 short weeks. Powerstrips are changing people health & lives. Join us tomorrow night for a special call. You don’t want to miss this. Check out all the details at my Facebook event.


The 5 technologies contained in Powerstrips

Dr Saucedo explain the 5 technologies in FG Xpress Powerstrips


Seeking a better way?

FG Xpress is a truly global opportunity. Making a difference in the physical & financial health of many people around the world.


Got spider veins?

Powerstrips helping with spider viens!!


Get pain relief & help others

Get pain relief & help others

Powerstrips – helping with pain relief, energy, mental clarity, sexual function……and more

Truly Global – shipping to every address
Just think how big this really is
Amazing results
Global business

Learn more about Powerstrips – special guest Dr. Adam Saucedo ” science behind Powerstrips”


Powerstrips – Good Feeling

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